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  1. My problem is that the map deletes after loading the memory point and I have a blank map although I have already found and explored some islands. Even parts of the ship (cannons, mast and sail, etc.) are partially gone when I return to the ship. Can I find the next to last memory point somewhere?
  2. McDuffee

    Dev Diary #25

    This game is already one of the best i ever played! But there is one big issue that games like Minecraft can do better than Ylands: I think it´s urgent to put in a sleeping ability in Multiplayer mode! This long periods of waiting until dawn are very annoying. You can do just nothing in this time! The other issue that need to be fixed next is the vanishing of objects/items if you try to place them or just putting them elsewhere in your inventory. If these two things could be fixed soon, it will bring up more exploing and crafting motivation to all players! Thank you for doing such a great job. I'm really curious how the finished game will look like. That will be awesome!