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    My Catamaran MK III

    @Whane The Whip Is the Island going to be big or say a tiny one with a few trees and whatnot? I would go with smaller as if there was a big island, once discovered, people would never leave. With tiny islands or even just one, you could go ashore and use it to farm wood or crops efficiently and that's all. Or maybe set easy with the island, medium with tiny small islands, and hard with none like the original concept. I forgot to mention the sea life in general earlier haha but it seems you can only go down so far before you hit an invisible force field. Also I did not see any sharks which could increase the risk of staying on the boat. Otherwise I'm loving it so far, as its a nice refresher from the typical farm and travel to other islands and rather just hardcore survival. Keep up the great work!
  2. D1ablo89

    My Catamaran MK III

    I'd definitely agree on making bigger waves and weather effects to add to the insanity and challenge. I am not aware of this planted tree and attaching block method. I started building blocks directly off the left side of my boat, however this added a hinderance to its performance as I cannot turn xD. So going to start from scratch and try a new method to somehow make a structure to live on. I wouldnt know about the 2nd boat site being missed as I have always immediately spotted it. You could add more boat sites across the ocean to give players a reason to sail around, and doing so, provide certain resources that are unobtainable without the normal land masses. Otherwise I definitely love the challenge so far!
  3. D1ablo89

    My Catamaran MK III

    @Whane The Whip I have started playing this scenario and its proving quite difficult and fun! The only real problem I have encountered is the constant shaking of the boat causes buidling anything a nightmare. Otherwise, I have successfully somehow planted a tree in the middle of the ocean and am now fishing and making myself a little hut. Update: Cut down the tree and it fell to the bottom of the ocean.. So thats another problem I am now facing
  4. I purchased a copy last night off the website bistudio.com for my friend. I sent it as a gift to his email, however he is unable to login to his account to redeem the game. When attempting to click the support button on the website, it seems to be broken. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.