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    Salvaging lost stuff

    No unstuck only works on the character. Or did you mean unstuck while sitting in the car?...il try that. When I had the car on the boat, i had build a wall on the boat around the car. But the boat just cant move forward it makes it flip around the car. The car feels like a rock when its on the boat. Unmoveable object.
  2. Nirish

    Salvaging lost stuff

    I have this problem I would like to talk about in here. So... I lost my vehicle (car) in the ocean, because of... reasons.. So I have tried salvaging it by sticking dirt underneath it 1 by 1. It worked and I got it to the top of the ocean level. So next I brought my ship so I can put it on the ship and sail it back to the shore. I could not because the vehicle does not move with the ship. So I was thinking of ways to get the car to the shore. --> So next I build a blueprint road so I can build a road to the shore. Good: It works. Bad: You can't pick up the blueprint materials after is been build. So now you have a huge road going over the ocean. The only way to make it disappear is hammering each item for a very long time..or many dynamite. Answer--> Need a more efficient way to remove the blueprint objects after completion. --> Another idea how about some way to salvage a vehicle? Something like a crane for the ship. So I can hook objects to it and drag it to the shore. --> Another idea how about some sort of balloon to stick into the car make it float to the surface, and drag or push that balloon around. In other words. I could use something for salvaging objects because rebuilding another vehicle will add another object that might get lost in the ocean. Filling up the ocean with crap. Kinda like real life? but this time it's not massive plastic stuff.
  3. Nirish

    Dev Diary #40

    So when you say you guys need to fix bug and stuff...do you mean optimization with how things load in and when playing around on a island. Becuase i run this game on a 1080TI with i7-7700k, and im still getting spike lags which when a walk around, turn around my charachter, or even horse riding. Even from standing still to going into moving sometimes results into a spikelag...and i fall of high places killing myself. Nevertheless, i still like the game, but i hope when you guys go out of EA, you better have fixed those lag problems, also for multiplayer because thats what gonna make this game greater when you go out of EA and the new players wanna play with their friends.
  4. Nirish

    Sneak Peek #44

    Can you do something about trolls that fill my base up with huge amount of dirt/sand, inside my protective barrier! Pls remove any type soil placement by other players inside other peoples bases. Maybe introduce a token/pass item for those who are allowed to build inside protective barriers. Those items can only behanded out by the base owner.