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  1. REDisDEAD2032

    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    agree it's a nice and more intuitive addition
  2. REDisDEAD2032

    Let me introduce ...me, myself and my ship

    welcome ! i'm definitly gonna take a look
  3. REDisDEAD2032

    0.7: Cheerful Characters (14/02/2018)

    nice addition ! so to meet some npc i have to start a new explorer game ? right ?
  4. REDisDEAD2032

    Workshop ?

    Thank you for this promptness ! and for making this game by the way ....
  5. REDisDEAD2032

    Workshop ?

    Hello yesterday, i saw a lot of creations avaliable on the workshop but today there is nothing left ! Is this a bug or there is an explication to this ?