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Found 3 results

  1. EN So I'm trying to enter the competition, but since I can't speak English texts will be translated to me by google, I apologize for the mistakes. The game will have the theme of an old village where you will perform various tasks at the NPC, which will take you to the "goals" and we will see how it goes. So eat your thumbs. CZ Tak se zkouším přihlásit do soutěže, ale protože neumím anglicky veškrté texty mi bude překládat google, tak se omluvám za chyby. Hra bude mít téma staré vesnice kde budete plnit různé úkoly u NPC, které vás dovenou k "cíly" uvidíme jak se to povede. Tak džte palce.
  2. “Hidden amongst the unforgiving tundra islands lies a forgotten monument to a civilization long-vanished. Hewn from the rocks of a mighty mountain, the Fortress Library has endured the ages longer than the very ink and parchment held within its halls.” Welcome to my Competition Thread! In accordance with the guidelines, I would like to use this thread to document my competition entry! I’ve played since 2017 but this is my first attempt to compete in a competition! *All information & content is subject to change until the final release version. SPECIFICATION A Mystery Island which will challenge players intellectually using a mixture of simple-to-complex puzzles. The Mystery Island will also introduce ’initial’ Lore and Mythology to the game which can be expanded upon in future islands/updates/content/etc. The architectural style and map design will weigh heavily on Fantasy Dwarven culture, drawing inspiration from J.R Tolkien, The Elder Scrolls, and other genres. The layout of the Island will consist of a large, desolate mountain with an entry way into a vast complex of halls, corridors, tunnels and vaults. Players progress by unlocking areas of the complex by solving puzzles or possessing items acquired from their previous adventures. The rewards of restoring the Library will be having access to a fully furnished home/guild HQ with the capacity to safely and proudly display all your artefacts, treasures and curiosities from all your previous adventures. PROGRESS TRACKER Map Geology -100% Library Floor plan -100% Zone Design -100% Lore & Story -100% Scripting & Mechanisms -100% I’ll post updates and screenshots as I progress! Stay tuned!
  3. COVID RELIEF BUILDING CONTEST What if we came together to build awesome builds & make the world a better place! @RedEagle_P1. said: "I will donate $5 to charity (Coivd relief) for every photo submission of in-progress work up to $100." And more of us are likely to join him!! ?THE GOAL Create a custom build that provides entertainment to explore players, contains some form of a challenge or a small puzzle. Maybe a floating island? A treasure in a tower full of hungry beasts? Mythical sword hidden in a cave temple? That is all up to your own fantasy! To be clear this is a building competition, no script needed. If you have a vision for a code, puzzle function for your build, it's always a +. We can help with that and we highly encourage you to build with future code in mind. !PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COMPETITION IS NOT SPONSORED OR ORGANIZED BY BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE! ?THE PRIZES ?1.st 50 USD ?2.nd 30USD ?3.rd 20USD ?RULES Understand that you are building a ruin for people to visit on a explore server. Each ruin should fit with the biome it's in & have a relevant prize: 1️⃣Choose the biome your ruin will fit in: - Tundra - Polar - Etc. 2️⃣ Choose the prize people will get: -Weapon with special color/effect - Rare building materials -Etc. 3️⃣Download a composition HERE to see the maximum allowed size or place down 14 4x4 marble blocks. ❌Avoid excessive violence, sexual themes, horror, NSFW content. ❌Don't make something massive, keep it simple, fun and not-laggy. Too many blocks cause lag. Weld objects to reduce lag. ❌Cannot use Ylands workshop assets or prior-made content. ? DEADLINE 09.08 - 10 PM CST time zone. Submit by using THIS LINK. + Don't forget to reply I'm in right under this post!! ?JUDGING We will host an online streaming event, where we will vote the winners together! ? ?CONNECT WITH US We are always happy to answer your questions below this post or on our DISCORD, where building tutorials and advices are also shared!!! ?LEGAL Anything you submit in the competition via the official link in order to win the prize will require a copyright transfer as we will be putting it all in one big server for everyone to enjoy