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Found 1 result

  1. MisterPoop

    The Map - Sugestion

    Hello, First of all i'm loving the game, still has a lot of bugs and things that could be better, but i think this game is in the same level has minecraft ( but better ). Well i have a sugestion regarding the MAP. My problem: I have lost the way to my first spawn island . That's right i dont have a clue where it is anymore. Why you ask? Well i was exploring another island with a Map in my inventory and this was my way to go back to the first island. But the worst happened i died inside a cavern with a lot of stuff that i want. This is a ice island so i couldnt get back to my body because i was naked. I would lose health and there was no way to do this naked. So i thinked well ill get back to my first island and make another fur pants ,boots, jacket. Crafted another map and my previous knowledge in the other map was gone. Sugestion: Every time you craft a map, should apear the islands and paths taken in previous trips. Now im wandering the oceon trying to find the island and i can´t i only see new islands but the one i want is gone. Sugestion 2: Coordinates. You should implemente some kind of compass or GPS system . Thx