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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everybody! So been playing on one of the official Eu servers with some buddies and have found 8 islands currently still looking for more, and it seems that everything is depleted especially majority of the main resources.... what can we do apart from possibly find new islands if there is any extra? do we basically just give up and move to new server?? Cheers, Brad
  2. JaneDoe


    Hey, I think finding specific resources can be difficult for people sometimes. I've searched all five islands in my current game and have yet to find a coal deposit. I am avidly against cheating, so I tried to come up with my own little system to exchange resources without feeling like I was breaking the rules. I would delete resources I had and spawn what I needed. E.g. I would delete 10 clay and spawn 1 iron ore. Or 10 iron ore for 1 coal etc. Then I thought, what if there was an actual system in game for this? What if there was a ylandium crystal powered machine that you could build, maybe throw a little alchemy in there for good measure, like maybe feed it a potion every so often to give it its magic, that could transform the resources you put into it into something else you needed more? I dunno. It's not exactly simple, but I think it's an idea that's got legs. Thanks! -JaneDoeChainsaw