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Map changes suggestion and few food suggestions


I have a few ideas, I think important for the game:

1) There should be possibility to draw (literally or just placing sprites) with "X" and circle in few colours. When you hover with your mouse above the mark, there should be some text, few words. In short - there is many places that cannot be seen on map, very important ones like cave enters, treasures or underground resources... or.. your base... Sometimes I can change the map by terraforming (I like artificial islands), but mostly - I have no clue where my base is and after a while I know where it is, but.... I have to count certain specific regions on my map. Let us just mark the maps. It should work like this:

You open the map, move your map - click (space? right button?) where you want and you have simple window with small text window and a few symbols (for ex. "X", circle, skull, "V", "?" and "slash" or something to let you know it's not important anymore - for example - there are nice ruins, but already looted by you) in a few colors (for a few reasons - to be seen on different background and for color code you like... For example there can be only one "X" at all, but it would be nice if it would be in few basic colours (black, white, red [danger!] and green? Blue?).

Such map would be very usefull in any game, but also it could be used in custom games. You could make treasure maps for example.

2) Let us catch and move animals! There is no traps for now, but I can imagine doing these myself - many times I was able to catch animals, because these fell into my old digged out holes. If you are close enought there should be option not only to "hit" or "feed", but also "catch" - maybe it should work from time to time, maybe always if you are close enough. It would be nice just to take into your inventory rabbits, goats or crabs... or even birds if you can cath these - it's possible to find birds on the ground or... under water, esp. on beaches.

3) Why predators do not respawn anymore? Sharks above water were maybe not very realistic, but they are fun! Island without any animals is... empty. Even "angry" ones should respawn as it was before last update... There was a glitch with too many sharks and sometimes rabbits, but it was much better than animals not respawning at all.. :( 

4) Corn could be "universal food source" as Sisal Agave is universal textile producer and banana trees and berries are fruit producers... You need maaaaany grain to make bread. There will be never too much of different plants. We should be able to make flour of corn and also roast corn as we can do it with carrots and potatoes... Please - make it possible. For now corn is useless. You have to eat dozens of these everyday and you cannot even cook these!

5) I know it's only beginning of polishing Ylands, but water/sailing and so on is important already... Blease, add "bucket" to the game. I guess it would change game engine completely? But maybe not... It would be great if we could make dams and remove water or make lakes - move water at all. Also... I think it would be usefull if we could make bottles and need to drink from time to time. First - deser adventures would be less easy and more realistic, second - if we had water as resource we could make dough just "crafting water with flour". And... at last we could make clay pots useful for making stews and soups! :D Yeah, probably that's funny, but I like Ylands cooking idea... First building in my games is always kitchen... :)) And... I cannot eat stews or soups... If I find one I can only look at these and eat countless amouts of roasted fruits... :(( I need more variety in my diet! :)

6) Soil...It's not really big problem, but it is problem if you want your Yland to look nice. If you dig sand - you can place sand, if you make a gravel - you have dark brown (it's ok), if you dig snow - you can place snow, if you dig dirt - you can place dirt, but if you are digging normal soil you have alays dirt too... This is a bit annoying... Maybe... maybe you could make dirt less ugly? I understand there is green paint above ground mostly, but if you do not want to use terraformer or paintgun everything looks ugly and placing plants changes nothing. Maybe we could dig "soil" as soil too? Or planting grass would make dirt a  bit green over time? Mabe we could place something like "floor vegetation"? 

7) Last change with sacks was very wrong, I think. Sacks are of different sizes and some of these are clearly for seeds and flour mostly, so, there should be bigger sacks too. Make big sacks more costly (2 cloths) but allow at last 9 slots in these. I think sack with dollar on it can be 6 slots...

8) Chest (the brown one) is 9 slots only. This is too less... If you think it should be so small (but it's clearly not small), make it a bit more expensive - add plant or two, but 12 slots was okey. Clothing usually takes whole slot - one shirt - one slot. You just cannot have one wardrobe or a few chests...

By making all chest small, except stone and bamboo ones, you force everyone to use bamboo chests... Which aren't pretty... :(

9) Barrels and baskets are 9 slots each, but barrels are much bigger and much more costly. I guess you would prefer to mabe baskets smaller and make these 6 slots, but we already have problems with inventory and storage... In my opinion barrels shoulb be more useful and have 12 slots too. They are so big that it's usually impossible to place more of these.

10) It would be nice to have small chests, 6 slots, just small enough, so you could place these in small sheds. For now there is no small chests at all.

And a few bugs:

1) Small rainforest tree after chopping is rotating 180 degrees.
2) Opuntias after harvesting are always moving a feet/30cm or so.

3) There are invisible trees - these are rare and I could not see what tree was it, i just hit it by accident chopping fern. I realised there is a tree, but invisible. I chopped it and it leaved logs, sticks and so on - unfortunatelly, I do not remember what seeds it leaved.

4) It's already known issue, but I'm not sure if devs know, that boat if hit by seagul can fly to the sky... fortunatelly you land safely (I did). It seems that if seagull hit you you can fly with it (I was flying so high, so I could see whole island below me).

5) Blacksmith forge indeed do not recognise Iron Hammers. Because it happens from time to time, my suspicion is - my hammer war "worn", but I'm not sure if it can be a reason.

6) Sometimes items are dissappearing from inventory for good. I lost nails and many hammers this way. I have no idea what happened, but someone said that it's possible to "eat" items in certain situations?

7) I know it was said already, but it's very annoying - sometimes you cannot use "G" and click right button to change rotation. It just cancel crafting. It works with some items and do not work at all with others. Last time I couldn't place "wooden cabinets" (the wardrobe).


Have a Good Day!


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