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Animals -what we know and what would be great?


Hello Everyone,

Devs seem to have problems with setting respawns correctly. I thought that animal do not respawn, but they are respawnin and they also "make" offsprings. It depends on Ylands Built you have, but in first Steam release animals respawned after few weeks even if you killed all of them (or maybe because very oftem animal spawn underground, so, you could say you killed them all, but in fact, they are in the caves and they can reproduce or cause respawns). In the fist Steam version animals, especially sharks were reproducing like crazy - and I think it was fun... 

I heard that animal will not respawn if you kill of a kind - but, after few months on my island wild animals eventually respawned (at last one panther and few wolves - and I'm sure my island hd no dangerous animals at all - at last on the surface). Later I heard someone guessing that animals are procreating if placed in the same spot for a while (I have no idea for how long or what conditions have to be made, but I managed to trap last time two boars in small box made of logs and... indeed - few days later there was three of them!  Later I tried the same trick with crabs (that was easy - I just dig a hole in the ground and catch 3 crabs) - after few days there was 4 crabs.

Bunnies seems to multiply as crazy.

Unfortunatelly last update destroyed everything - sleeping stops the time (plants do not grow, you do not need to eat, animals are not respawning anymore). So, if you want to see if animals are respawning - you cannot just sleeep for few days or weeks - you have to be awaken all the time. I hope it's a bug and will be fixed and sleeping mechanics will be repaired. I understand MP gamers, but stopping time isn't good solution for any player - solo or MP.

Additionally Devs added something they described as: "if animals wander too far from their original spawning point - these will be moved back". That is very bad idea, because whole point is to move animals where we want these and in my case - to trap dangerous animals far from my base, without killing them. Now animals can "officially" dissappear and spawn again. This is stupid, I must say.

Animals are very buggy for now. For example I spent hours building big traps for animals to move them when I want them to be, but it works only if you are close to them. If you are on the other side of the island and go back - you will see that even animals closed in boxes dissappear and appear in different places. Additionally after last update most seagulls spawn in water - and they are trapped there forever. I don't know if birds multiply, but I found some places, where there was three seagulls, for example.

So... for now, the only way to move animals (except for horses) is to open your world in the editor and move or delete and spawn animals when you want them to be.

I have no idea how Sea Urchins, Starfish or Oysters multiply. It would be great to make it possible to make Oyster farms (for example by placing them very close to each other. I've made such farms, but because sleeping in Explore mode doesn't work anymore - I had no time to count these.

Also, it's very easy to lure sharks into one place, so, my plan for today is to lure as many sharks to one place as possible - close the trap and see if they multiply. Last time I managed to multiply wolves, by luring two in a trap made of bushes. ;)

So, in short - animals do respawn and also can multiply, but how it works isn't clear to me. Easiest way to check it would be use creative mode or editor and close some animals in small cages.... And then count these...

I hope that Devs are working on ways to catch animals alive and/or tame these. I'd love to see parrots, tamed wolfes (I tried to feed them with meat - but they eat it only from time to time - I don't know why. Vultures are easiest to observe that this actually works (I mean - predators eat meat lying around). In early Yland predatorw were hunting other animals... Sad, but not it seems to be removed completly.

Also, I wonder is eggs in nest actually are eggs and if you leave these alone birds will spawn? I never saw it. It would be nice if we could move nests... and actually have some birds in these... Ostriges and ostrig eggs would be fun...

And last my problem with animals are mutated animals - do they multiply as other animals? They are the most dangerous, but these are the only source of Ylandium if you collected all crystals (btw. anyone ever observed if crystals respawn at all?). It would be great if we could trap mutated animals and "produce" them.

Hope to hear from you all!

Happy Ylanding! ComR


If you don't mind, I'd like to list a few animal which would be great addition to the future game (with my humble ideas why):

1) Horse. Whaaaat? We have horsies! Yup! But, wouldn't it be great to have pack horses, so your horse could help you carrrying stuff around?

2) Dolphins... It would be nice to have friendly animals around too when sailing.

3) For now sharks are very aggressive - this is not fair. Sharks are not aggressive, they are predators, true, but we are predators too. Devs made great thing allowing us to avoid aggressive animals and scary them of - we don't have to kill them. Do the same with sharks. And BTW.: if you are on the raft, boat or under water you cannot defend yourself. Spears should be able to reach enemies from a distance. Sharks can easily destroy my raft, but I cannot reach them. We should be able to use at least knives and spear underwater and later - pneumatic harpoons. For now it's impossible to fight sharks in open water without any kind of cheat or trick (or powerful gun).

4) Goats.... yes, I know, you are working on taming goats and milk...

5) Wolves - we should be able to tame wolves, by leaving them food (meat, but we had bones before - it would be fantastic to tame a wolf, who would help you defend and hunt). 

6) Ducks, chickens - just animals you could catch and keep. So, stealing eggs wouldn't be important anymore.

7) Sheeps, llamas and Dromadary. They could give you wool, you could use as flax, cottton or sisal agave leaves. Additionally you would use their meet or use dromedars just like horses in Desert Bioms.

8) Dogs - I'm sure you are working on these already, not all dogs are "evil". So.. skip it, people.

9) Different kind of fish - some as Tuna, for example - allowing you to have something to eat for many days,  sometimes Herrings or even Sardines - so you need something more to stay alive and sometimes old shoe. ;)

10) Mushrooms, I love mushrooms and I love cooking in games... Yes, most mushrooms are almost impossible to plant, but champignion, is the exception. and I think you should use this exception. To grow champignion you need manure (well, I think we don't need it in Ylands) champignion mycelium (simply - champignion), hey and water. Because we can't use water in Ylands yet,  maybe we could "produce" "champignion mycelium" - as simple seed, by using hay and champignion. That would be great source for mushroom stew - which - is now possible to do! :D Many people, even on Youtube think that mushrooms are just rubbish of the Earth.. ;) I'm sure Bohemians think a bit different, as we Sclavinians mostly love mushrooms.. am I right?? I hope so! ;)

11) Cats - I guess you are working on cats too. Lynx, for example, cats, but not aggressive.

12) People - the real, most aggresssive animals on Earth. From friendly primitive tribes/friendly loners to whole friendly or not firendly at all tribes...

All The Best...

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Great thread!
The crystals underground do respawn at one point, but the mutated animals do not. Would really like to see them respawn because especially in multiplayer when you want to farm Ylandium and make your armor, it's kind of difficult if there are only 13-15 mutated animals underground.

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