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Dev Diary #121 - New Editor Features

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Hello there, Ylanders!

With the new exciting version 1.2 released, it's time to go over some smaller but equally important features we introduced, this time the changes we made to the uploading process in the Editor.

The feature that will save the most time to all creators is our new direct upload from the Editor. If you're working on a creation that has been already uploaded on the Workshop and you want to upload a new version, you can do it simply and fast by clicking Export Game and Quick Upload. No more stopping your creative process to go through the uploading process every time!

Another big problem many creators faced is that in order to build a bigger game, you had to publicly upload everything so all players could access even things you didn't want to share - games for testing, compositions you want to share with your friends to build together, etc. After 1.2, you can hide any submission on the Workshop so you can access them, but don't have to worry about other players seeing them too or getting your creation blocked for breaking the Workshop rules.

Speaking of the rules, we introduced some minor changes there too. You can now find them in a thread here:https://ylands.com/community/topic/27481-workshops-rules-for-content-submission/, where you can also ask for help with any Workshop troubles. We've been cleaning the Workshop every week and it's very important for us that it stays useful and every creation gets the attention it deserves.

That's about it for the new uploading process, be sure to check out the big Editor UI overhaul, it's pretty neat.

Stay classy Ylanders!

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