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    Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll send everything to the developers but as a quick response to some of your points: Gameplay changes like sprinting and crouching are very time-consuming to create but we're always looking for more improvements so they could appear somewhere in the future. Picking up more objects is a problematic thing but I'll look into it and taming animals is something we've already been asked about and the developers are aware.? Ore placement and resources are something we're trying to change, our first solution will be coming in the next update. Birds are a technical problem we have to solve first, adding any flying creatures is a big challenge, and a secret, hidden Yland is a really cool idea we could look into, we're working on map improvements so I'll see.? Building suggestions and your feedback on the barrier are also greatly appreciated, we'd like to improve both for a smoother experience so we welcome everything you can give us. I'll be sure to send it all over to the devs.? Stay safe, enjoy the game and don't worry about your English, you did great.? Let us know if you'll have any more ideas or questions.
  2. TomasGestinger

    dedicated server paid for coyns

    Hey, you can find and manage your servers under Account and My Servers. You can change what games you want to put up on the server, for how many people and what platform and you can take games down there as well.
  3. TomasGestinger

    Can you move from scenario to scenario?

    Hey, it is possible with Game Sets, but it is a bit complicated. You can try following this guide here, let me know if you need any help.? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Game_set
  4. Hey, thank you for all the feedback.? We greatly appreciate you took the time and we're aware of your concerns, keep this stuff coming. I went through everything with Adam and Aleš and I'll try to answer everything. 1. and 2. - We’re well aware of this big problem and we’re working on it but it’s a significant technical issue that requires a lot of effort. We are first working on making Exploration much more re-playable and afterward, we are planning on expanding the map. These changes are going to happen this year but as I said, it's not an easy task. 3. - We're working on this problem already together with an option to "glue" normal objects together. 4. - There's a big problem with how the first-person camera works in the current version of Ylands, we'll have to remake lots of animation to make it work and we want to make sure it works properly. 5. - Animals and mutants spawn, there’s no reproducing mechanic. I agree that having a full functioning ecosystem would be great but it’s pretty much impossible to create in a video game. Spawning mechanics are a standard way to populate worlds and it gives us a way to control everything better. 6. - I’ll look into it but it’s not a priority right now. The ores function as a gameplay mechanic and implementing these changes would require a lot of work for relatively small detail, maybe in the future.? 7. - Yes, you will be able to edit water to create lakes and ponds. 8. - This is a new issue and we'll look into it, thanks for the info. 9. - In what way has your server been corrupted? What seems to be a problem? We do try to make all old saves compatible, but with really old maps, sometimes it just isn't possible to carry over everything into a newer version of the game. 10. - We're not aware of this, please provide an output log so we can fix it. 11. - There should always be copper. Please send us the map in question and we'll check it out to make sure. 12. - This slot is for the propeller pack right now and we're preparing more equipment.? 13. - We'll look into it, it seems like a bug. E. - Reworking AI mechanics is a difficult task. NPCs that function as enemies are working well in the randomly generated worlds and they can be programmed in more detail for user-created games, but we are always working on NPC AI and hope to bring even more cool functionality in the future. F. - Already in the works, you'll be able to ride more animals in the new update, we're working on more creatures as well G. - We have decided to instead add these 'skins' into the game as items, as not a lot of people bought them anyway and it seemed a shame to keep these cool items away from people. So now you can find these items in Random Encounters and add them to your Custom Games in the Editor. H. - We are always adding more clothes and assets into the game in themed updates (like the fantasy update we just had, that added a lot of fantasy clothes and weapons) and this is definitely something that we could do down the line. We'll add it to the suggestion box and I'll tell the devs about it J. - This system encourages exploration so we want to keep some items exclusive and exciting.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I'll send it over to the development team. Building in Exploration is a continuous issue we try to address so we're always looking for more ideas.
  6. TomasGestinger

    Particle effects on thrown entities?

    Hey, adding particles to thrown entities is not possible right now, but we're already working on it, thanks for the feedback. You can also try another approach with Spawn Entity and Follow instead of Throw, you should be able to add particle effects that way.
  7. TomasGestinger

    Unable to verify uploaded creation:

    Thank you for the logs, I'll look into it and let you know.
  8. Thanks for all the info, a video would be great too. I'll send the files to our QA team, I'm sure they'll appreciate all your hard work.?
  9. Hey, that's a truly strange issue, if you can DM me and send me your game, I could check it and see what's happening. Sending output logs would be greatly appreciated as well. It could be related to changes we made to some logics but I don't have any idea yet, we'll have to investigate it further.
  10. TomasGestinger

    Workshop's Rules for Content Submission

    The Hide option is available at the very end of the uploading process right before you publish a game. You can see the whole process in the new Dev Diary video.
  11. TomasGestinger

    Dev Diary #121 - New Editor Features

    Hello there, Ylanders! With the new exciting version 1.2 released, it's time to go over some smaller but equally important features we introduced, this time the changes we made to the uploading process in the Editor. The feature that will save the most time to all creators is our new direct upload from the Editor. If you're working on a creation that has been already uploaded on the Workshop and you want to upload a new version, you can do it simply and fast by clicking Export Game and Quick Upload. No more stopping your creative process to go through the uploading process every time! Another big problem many creators faced is that in order to build a bigger game, you had to publicly upload everything so all players could access even things you didn't want to share - games for testing, compositions you want to share with your friends to build together, etc. After 1.2, you can hide any submission on the Workshop so you can access them, but don't have to worry about other players seeing them too or getting your creation blocked for breaking the Workshop rules. Speaking of the rules, we introduced some minor changes there too. You can now find them in a thread here:https://ylands.com/community/topic/27481-workshops-rules-for-content-submission/, where you can also ask for help with any Workshop troubles. We've been cleaning the Workshop every week and it's very important for us that it stays useful and every creation gets the attention it deserves. That's about it for the new uploading process, be sure to check out the big Editor UI overhaul, it's pretty neat. Stay classy Ylanders!
  12. In the new version, you can run a test that allows you to see what your game will look like on mobile platforms. It's possible you had that mobile mode enabled so everything scaled down to what mobile users will see, you can change it in the Test menu.
  13. You can open any games you have access to in the Editor if you click on Open in the Editor menu and then select Games in the window that opens up. Your game should be visible there, let me know if it solves the problem.
  14. TomasGestinger

    Workshop's Rules for Content Submission

    Hey there, Ylanders. Version 1.2 is out and with it, our Workshop rules change slightly. After our first big clean up of the Workshop, we decided to introduce a few additions to the rules and we'll keep this thread up to answer any future questions about them. The Workshop is under construction now so there will be more changes to how exporting and managing creations goes and we'll make sure you're always updated on all the new stuff. Feel free to ask about anything, enjoy the new update and as always, Stay classy!
  15. TomasGestinger

    Workshop's Rules for Content Submission

    Welcome to the big thread about what is allowed on the Workshop and what isn't. You can ask any questions here and search for help with anything related to the Workshop and exporting. Rules for Content Submission No offensive content, language or imagery - Do not post any information in the game or in connection with the game that contains nudity, excessive violence, abuse, harassment, or offensive subject matter or that contains a link to such content All submissions have to include a relevant thumbnail and a description - Provide basic and accurate information about your creation and add a relevant thumbnail that has to be taken as a screenshot of your creation, don't advertise anything else other than your submission here Correctly tag and categorize your creations – Use tags that accurately represent your creation only, do not mislead people on purpose Do not use other people’s or copyrighted content - Your content must not infringe anyone's copyrights or author rights, it must not be offensive to people or illegal in any other way Write in English - Descriptions and titles have to have an English version Do not abuse the reporting system – Do not report creations unless they break the rules written above or have other significant technical problems All monetized content has to provide value - Do not submit monetized games that give nothing to the player in return or serve as a donation service Test submissions have to be hidden by the creator - Hide any submissions you're using for testing or development purposes during the exporting process If your creations do not follow rules for content submission, moderators of the Workshop can block them without further notice. All games are only blocked, not deleted, and if a creator changes their submission to follow the rules, they can always be made public again. If you have any questions, you can ask them here, message me or write me an email at tomas.gestinger@bistudio.com