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The new update sucks!!!


Ok so in the workshop you can no longer search by tags. WHICH IS BAD!!! MEANING YOU HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS 1 GAME YOUR LOOKING AT IS MOBILE OR PC OR WHAT!!! PLUS THE TAGS USED TO HELP FIND SPECIFIC THINGS!!! So removing the tag thing is a horrible thing to do!!! You shouldn’t of done it now people are gonna be complaining. Btw I notified your removing stuff from the mobile version!!! NOT COOL!!! Certain maps I know were mobile are no longer there!!! So that is such a bad move!!! It’s obvious your gonna make ylands pc only!!! Btw there used to be this map which I don’t remember the name. But like it was a pirate map. And I think it was a rp map. It’s not even in ylands anymore!!! I found it in the workshop and went to look for it I couldn’t find it in pc or mobile!!! It’s so annoying!!! Plus by removing the tags feature you remove the option to search mobile and pc games. By doing this. Well you could be looking at pc stuff when trying to find mobile stuff! SAME FOR MOBILE!!! THIS IS SUCH A HORRIBLE UPDATE!!!

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