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Skill logic: Resource cost element doesn't work properly

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So the resource cost element under skills is very buggy. Supposedly, according to the wiki anyway, it checks to see if the player has enough of a resource to continue executing the skill and if so, it takes away from the resource. If not, it stops the skill

The problem is that even if the player doesn't have enough of a resource to perform the skill, it still takes away from the resource and executes the first few milliseconds of the skill. Lets say for example I have a skill with a resource cost element at the start of the skill player. The resource cost is set to 15, meaning it costs 15 of a resource in order to continue the skill. If my stamina is only 10/100, and i try to execute it, it still takes away 15 of the resource (in this case, it reduces my resource to 0), but it doesn't perform the skill because I only had 10 of the resource. 

... well, it does, but only the first few milliseconds of the skill. This looks weird if you have a position/movement element thats suppose to play after the resource check as it just makes the player look like their spasming.

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