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Sheep Wool (Oops, ignore please)

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(I failed to notice the recipe that lets you craft 1 cloth for 2 wool. Which amounts to 9 cotton/flax mix saved, oops. Please disregard the following haha)

Currently, it takes approx sub 2 seconds to plant and harvest cotton/flax (without travel time). It can be done en masse, which means returns are nearly exponential.

It takes about 3ish seconds to harvest a single wool from sheep. This doesn't account for actually going to the sheep and attempting to connect in order to line up the tool tip with the shears, which are needed to craft beforehand. Once that is all said and done, you only get a single wool from a sheep.


It takes two cotton/flax/wool in order to spool a single yarn. Which means, inherently, you're putting in tons more effort into wool for significant, almost unbelievably poor gains in comparison to the plant options.

I propose an increase in order to balance out this.

A 1-10 wool/yarn would be a great starting point. Considering how many sheep you'll likely have, maybe a herd of 10ish, that means at the end of a days work, you'd end up with 100 yarn, or 33 cloth. Which is about what you'd get from a day planting and harvesting. Cost for time and effort would be balanced.


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Can't delete, so tried to make sure it was clear it is solved.

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Glad it got sorted, I'll leave the post up, just in case someone is looking for the same thing 😊

Thank you and have a nice day! 

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