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Nikki Severin

Dev Diary #234 New Blueprints? New Blueprints!

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Hey there, fellow Ylanders!

So something has happened to Blueprints in 1.10.

Former Blueprints are now called Game Blueprints and former Compositions are now Creator Blueprints. Why? Because we felt Compositions and Blueprints had a lot of common functionality and when we added more variety to the former Blueprints it became obvious that merging those two together would make a lot of sense.

Long story short - Game Blueprints are simpler (as in no scripting etc.) and can be used in Adventure, Sandbox and Editor. Creator Blueprints allow capturing more sophisticated things and can be placed in the Editor only.

So what else has changed?



Players are now able to capture Blueprints in the Editor (without all of the previous workarounds...)! Just make a selection and open the "Save As Blueprint" wizard.

A LOT more things are now available for capture in a Blueprint (weapons, tools, items...trees!) and it takes a lot out of the guesswork about which assets you can utilize. For those who want to be really sure, there is a filter in the Entity Catalogue in the Editor.

And as for building the Blueprint in the game - you may notice that there are now two tabs in an active project table. Deposit material in one to build the walls, ship hulls, and car chassis (basically the parts that you can't pick up afterwards) and the other tab collects Items - all the things that you CAN carry around and might want to use as a decoration, for example. If you don't know a recipe for a part of the blueprint or you don't have the right tools to craft it, the project table will tell you and indicate which parts you can't build at the time. PC players can even Stop Building the Blueprint and keep what they built until that point.

Right now you can create just local Blueprints for your own use. In 1.11 you'll be able to share them with others and monetize them.

That's it for this week and we'll talk to you again soon. Until then - Stay Classy, Ylanders!

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