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Hi everyone

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Hi everyone,
I am a bit confused so I am hoping to get some help here. I have started the "Large Ship" recipe purchased from store for 800C. Two days ago my friend was able to construct one without issue, today (maybe due to the new update?) I am unable to construct it due to missing recipe for "medieval window". Also my friend who was able to construct it two days ago now misses the same recipe (medieval window). Where can I get the recipe? I have all mats required according to wiki, but I still can not find it anywhere.
Also the project table consumed all the nails i had in my inventory (over 1000 - I am sure that the large ship did not require so much nails before) and I am not able to get any resources back from the project table, if I stop building the recipe i will lose all materials supplied.  How should I proceed?
Any help would be appreciated

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Could you please send us an in-game message so we can look at more information about the nails?

Regarding the blueprint the behavior where you need the recipe is the correct one so it was fixed after the patch. Sorry for the incovenience. 

Take care.

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