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Jeep (and some other cars)

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Any self-respecting explorer should have a jeep!



I've been experimenting a little the last few weeks with different car designs, which has resulted in a few that I'm pretty happy with!

My favorite has to be the jeep, which I made in two variants. The one not shown here is build upon the off-road chassis, but I prefer this one. Surprisingly it handles terrain almost as well, and is generally easier to drive.



Up next; an off-roading truck. It looks a bit goofy with the short wheel base, but I can't do anything about that unfortunately. It generally drives around rough terrain pretty easily.



Up next; A sleek convertible sedan. I call it the "Continental". My favorite to drive for some reason. It's really satisfying to have the wheels properly fit the inside the wheel-arches. This car is not built for off-roading (as you can imagine), and thus is pretty useless in exploration, but it's a cool collectible I guess.



And finally; a small roadster. This was the first one I made, and it's not as refined, but I like it nontheless. I also made plenty of color variations of this one as well as the Continental.



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