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Well this is short lived.  Yep, just posted to complain. Because I Should be complaining and so should every Game Pad user that has purchased this game.  I am guessing that Bohemia has decided to let this IP quietly die,  as to not spur arguments of refunds.  So now my Xbox one controller doesn't work, they have altered the map, compass etc in ways that make it seem like the changes were to help out the 8-10 year old demographic.  I was thinking that they had created storms that would sink or incapacitate your ship.  Now its impossible to get lost which is one of the coolest things this game had going for it.  You had to bring supplies and have a plan because you could sail for a long time with no land in sight.  Now that was cool.  Getting lost only to find an island long enough to get back under way in search of your old home.  But for me its the controller, I play games on my PC with a controller because my back is just so bad I cant play with Mouse/Keyboard for very long.  How is it a game this old, that once had controller support be worse off now than it was 3 years ago.  Its simple, the company has given up on trying to fix problems.  So what are you going to say if your a Dev or a Mod for Ylands?  That I am wrong, or that I shouldn't just come here to complain?  Give me ONE good reason for why controller support isn't fixed?  Some of the worst games on the planet have remapping for "Game Pads".  COMPLETE remapping for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc etc.  Why shouldn't I complain about it?  "Coming on here and complaining isn't going to do any one any good, they are doing the best they can with the tools and staff they have.  BS....   Xpadder was an old software program that you could buy for $12 that would allow you to remap and play with a Playstation, Xbox or any other generic game pad you had back 8-10 years ago.  Nope, I am not going to just "Go get that then" because I paid for this game in early access with the ability to play with a controller back then.  Why on earth would I assume they would be doing worse now then they were back then?  Idea would be to get better not get worse.  Part of the reason I am here making this thread is because most everything these days is going like this.  No one is willing to go the extra mile, no one is willing to do the right thing, no one has much integrity or respect for the job they do.  How about the people that are left on the Ylands team drop everything they are doing and fix controller support?  I know, for a FACT it wouldn't take a team of 5 people more than a week to resolve this issue.  But....  you guys wont do it.  Now leave this thread up, don't move it or take it down.  Let the Yes people sing your praise at how hard you guys work, and how much you have created and finished over the last two years.  Just not controller support.  Something that is almost as expected as being able to change gamma, or play in windowed mode.  Please, I was expecting more from bohemia than this.  I have supported every Arma game, purchased every DLC and expansion.  Maybe you can tell by now how disappointed I am and how much I was looking forward to seeing how far you guys had taken this platform, this cool IP. 

Go ahead and take it down, kinda like the current attitude from Disney about how it must be the haters and the racist fans, no way could people not enjoy the current content were putting out.  Lets just block those that dont agree or like our stuff.  It couldnt be because it sucks and we should be doing a better job...   :(

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