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Blueprint Marketplace Rules

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Blueprint shop rules


  • No stealing! 
    • If you encounter stolen Blueprint please report it
    • You may then be asked to prove that it was stolen (screenshots, videos, ...)
    • This applies to Ylands original dev creations too (Random Encounters and such)
  • Appropriate name of the Blueprint
    • Clear name that represents what the Blueprint is (numbers can also be a name if the context of the Blueprint allows it)
    • All the names have to be in Latin alphabet
  • Purposeful use
    • Blueprints that are not allowed are those that misuse the lack of knowledge of new players (such as propeller pack blueprint, where you need to insert a built propeller pack to build it.)
  • No low effort Blueprints
    • For example two blocks, creator cube, ....


Breaking the rules

  • After breaking these rules if you do not continue in such behavior you may stay in the shop
  • If you continually break the rule you will receive Blueprint shop ban
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