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How to start a new game

  • If you are a new player and have not played ylands before it is simple, just click on adventure and under tropical biome you can find the starter yland.
  • If you played Ylands before but want to start a fresh game, in the main menu click on settings, now click on reset character progress, this will reset your character, inventory, known recipes and all.
  • Then click on reset map and you will start fresh on starter yland without having any other ylands discovered, this includes restarting story yland and mystery yland.

Basic controls

  • WSAD to run
  • C to change the view from first person to third person
  • SHIFT to run
  • double SHIFT to roll
  • Mouse buttons to fight, CTRL to block
  • right click to collect items, hold right-click to collect all in the vicinity
  • Q to open radial menu (emotes, ship summon, pet, and more)
  • I or TAB to open inventory, here you can also find the crafting menu
  • B to open the story and quest handbook, here you can follow quests, story, and open codex,
  • codex can also be opened by pressing F1
  • M to open map
  • ESC to access the shop, and social tab and to make the game multiplayer

What you need to do to leave the Starter yland

  • The main thing you need to leave the Starting yland is to build a primitive ship. 
  • This video will show you how to leave as fast as possible.
  • First, follow the few tutorial hints about movement and the handbook.
  • Now let’s craft a rope. Collect some grass. Hold the right mouse button to collect all grass in the vicinity.
  • Now click on tab to open crafting. Under key items select grass rope. Click on craft.
  • The next thing you need is an axe. Collect some sticks and stones from the ground. Now go to crafting again and craft the axe.
  • Now select inventory and equip the axe.
  • The next thing to craft is a torch. Chop down some trees to collect resin and sticks. Also, craft some more rope. You can click on craft more to craft items in bulk.
  • Now you have to craft a lighter. Find two pieces of flint on the ground. Then follow the steps in crafting the screen.
  • When you have a lighter go to inventory, click on the torch, light it, and equip it.
  • It’s time to have a look into the cave over there. After that, you are ready to leave.
  • Collect all the useful items in the cave.
  • Now it’s time to craft the ship. Collect logs, sticks, and stones and craft some more rope.
  • When you have all the resources, click on the ship hull in crafting. Now place the ship.
  • What you need to build now is a ship helm. Collect some more logs, sticks, and craft rope.
  • Now place the helm on the ship. Time to name it! Boaty Mc Boatface is always a safe choice.
  • No boat can sail without a sail. Craft two sails to make the ship go faster. You will need logs, grass, and rope. Place the sail.
  • Your ship is now ready and you can leave. Look at the helm and hold the Q key. This will close the editing mode. You can always enable it again to add more parts to your boat. For example, a bed to spawn in is very useful.
  • Now you can open the map by pressing M. You can either stay here and discover all the sights of the Starting yland or click on the world map and start traveling. 


Places in Ylands

Finding resources

  • Each biome contains different resources. For example, iron can be found in the Far East region, clay in Tropical and copper in Tundra and Taiga.
    - By pressing M you open your map
    - Now switch to the World map at the top of the screen
    - When you hover over each biome  you can see what resources you can find in the biome


Radial Menu

  • Q is used to open the radial menu. Hold Q and let’s have a look at what it does.
  • At the top you can find emotes you can use to greet other players or for your own Youtube videos!
  • The next thing on the right is summoning and dismissing your ship. This is the most important button in the radial menu. 
  • Always dismiss your ship when you are in Multiplayer games, so people don’t steal from you. 
  • If you have any issues with your ship try dismissing it and summoning it again.
  • After that there is a button to call in your pet, you can change what pet you have now by clicking the tab button and clicking on the little paw at the top.
  • The next button can be used to call your tamed animal companions.
  • The empty slots are filled with different buttons according to the situation you are in. For example, there can be a button to pick up an item from the ground.
  • Or if you place a decorative item you can click on harden to make it unpickable and stay in place.
  • There is also a button to tame an animal companion when you are close to the animal.


Finding Friends

  • One of the best ways to enjoy the game is with friends!
  • To add your friends in the game click on the social tab. It can be accessed in the main menu or by pressing escape in the Adventure. 
  • At the top, you can see the social button.
  • Click on Add a new friend. Now you need to fill in your friend’s Ylands name. After you find them simply click on Add new friend.
  • When they are online and you are on one of your Adventure ylands you can click on the friends tab and on invite to game to spawn them next to you.
  • You and your friends can start a clan. You will have the clan name under your game nickname and you can use a private chat in the chat window. To invite them click on friends tab and on the three dots.
  • The three dots also are a quick way to send them a message or give them a gift. Sharing is caring!
  • Chat is a useful feature in general. You can contact us for support or send messages to cool people you meet in the game.
  • If your friends are not interested in playing Ylands, you can join our Discord where we have really kind and supportive Community. 
  • Both new and seasoned players find it useful. 
  • New players get a lot of support and experienced players can share tips and tricks with other Ylands veterans.
  • The link to our Discord is in the caption under this video.

Grind Tips

  • To maximize your grind we have a couple of tips for you:
  • Check what region has which ore. Ore veins are always in caves. But you better get ready to fight the cave mutants! Always bring a source of light, and some healing poultice, and don’t forget to mark the cave in your map so you don’t lose it.
  • Always aim for better tools. A zirconium pick is faster and drops more ore than a stone pick. A zirconium fishing rod has a higher chance to catch fish than a wooden rod.
  • Always go for a grind trip with a ship that has lot of empty containers.
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