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Dev Diary #310 Valentine's Day Sale

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Ahoy Ylanders,

What do you love the most? Whether its your mum, spouse, yourself, your favourite pet or tea brand, Ylands game or the day after a paycheck, one thing's for sure: everyone likes sales and discounts! That's no secret, right?

That's also why we're writing this diary. This Valentine's Day won't be secret at all! Quite the opposite—Valentine's sales are coming to the Ylands shop and we hope they will be as visible as light itself. Let's see what we have in store for you!


Limited Pet

Everyone should get on board with this cute Fox On Board pet! You can see it in its eyes that it already loves you. Sadly, Foxy won't be here forever and is available only until 22nd of February.

Lovely Sale 'till 22nd of February

In case you need to propose to your significant other, this February there is a 50% discount on the Proposal emote! Also, we wanted to make sure that our lovely Fox won't be alone so we are throwing in a 30% discount on the Gryphon and Fairy pets!

But THE SALE is the Vases recipe bundle, which is 80% off. Feel free to gift it to all of your friends and go picking flowers together!

Discord Foxy Rewards

Already got the Fox On Board pet? Great! Send us a screenshot with your new lovely pet on our Discord server to the #screenshots_ylands. On the 13th of February, we will randomly choose 3 winners from everyone who sends a screenshot of Foxy accompanying them. The prize is yet another Fox pet that the winners can gift to their significant other.

Lastly, let us express our love to you. Thank you so much for constantly returning the love that we put into the development of Ylands by sticking with the game in the good times and worse times.

Stay Classy, Ylanders!

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