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YlandZ: Life of Ben

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No.1 YZ

   All I remember is that i was running...running for my life, dont know what to do and watch everything burns to the ground. After the largest volcano erupted, the climate around the globe start to get cold due to the ashes that cover the sky and scientists just discover that the ashes contains a rare Ylandium dust that can only be found deep underground that glow green. With the rare Ylandium dust, scientists can now use it for energy that last longer and power our latest technology. Months later, people start getting sick while the symptoms are crystals start growing in their body, skin start to change color, epilepsy and sometimes the eyes start to glow green. That day, the news announced that due to the eruption an ancient virus called YZ virus that study showed that killed all surviving dinosaurs after the meteor hits the Earth is released to the air and infect those who have weak immune system.

One weak after the outbreak, mummies start to walk the Earth again and we know that mummies’ body organs are removed that makes them dangerous because they dont think and attack people around them. People that are infected by YZ virus start running around killing healthy human and bite the unhealthy ones. People that died from the infected, they will rise again in 5 days and be like them while the unhealthy ones takes only a minute before the YZ virus take over the body.

Day after that, scientists created a protective barrier that keep YZombie and dangerous animal away so they start shipping all barriers they have around the world but after they shared the barriers, formula and blueprints multiple earthquake hits most major cities around the world that cause tsunami and destruction. Now im running for my life, 1st the earthquake destroy the barrier in my city 2nd about 10 YZombies are chasing me 3rd a dying scientists give me a portable barrier that everyone wants 4th for some reason more things to run for my life and then i hit the shore and uses a small boat with a food supply for a week for me to survive in water. 

Im bored and alone in the small boat, its been 2 days and im hoping to see an island. I have a bad feeling about the weather as the wind picks up and before you know it, im doing the best i can to survive the storm and its pains me when i see my food get watch out by the water. I reef my sail and for a brief moment i saw a shark flying by the wave that shocks me , that time i wish that shark dont come flying towards me then a huge wave hit my small boat and destroy it as i catch my breath because its hard for me to swim with the barrier in my hand.

I don’t really remember what happened back there but God thanks im alive waking up in an island and with all the resources i needed to repair the barrier and probably live here.

To be continued:

Bad with grammar and spelling l

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No.2 New World

   Its a tough start for me in the island alone, i might have all the resources i need and blueprint to repair my protective barrier...i still dont know how to survive in the wilderness. All i can see are stones, grasses, some plants, sticks, some flint to make fire and fruits which is limited. I try to fish and hunt but only failed horribly. I didn’t check the whole island thanks to the “tree of life” or coconut tree which is limited also that forced me to find other ways to survive quickly.

   Everyday is a learning day for me, I already crafted a pickax, hammer even though i can use stone, a spear, an axe and a grass clothing to keep me warm at night. One day in the dark and about to sleep, i heard a growling wolf and ready to pounce me then bite my neck but luckily I quickly grabbed my spear and my torch to send him running. That time I decided to build a small house...a cabin!!

Months have passed and i start hearing weird howling in the other side of the island that makes me worried every night. I already build all my stations like blacksmith, ect to build/craft the finest weaponry and body armor but without knowing whats in the other side...death is certain. 

   I dont know what im thinking that time when I decided to investigate the weird howls at night. Yes! I did it at night also and It might be the food that i eat that give me this courage? So I was slowly walking with a torch in my hand and a sword...its wild pig stew by the way! I just remember, anyways walking slowly then 5 wolves suddenly come out it the woods and start charging towards me so I charged towards them also. I stab one of the wolf then the weird howl start again that makes the other 4 wolves to run towards the sound which is in a cave.

I follow the wolves in the cave and i can not believe what i saw...glowing eyes, different skin color and crystal around the body of an infected Wolf or mutated wolf due to the fact that wolf is not crazy like the YZombie back to the main land. The wolves eat the meat with a green looking crystal or stone that the mutated wolf drop then they become one of them real quick. After they fully mutated, they look at me and charged towards me again but more faster and more fierce. I ran as fast as i can but one of them catch up and bites my side, i swing my sword and cuts its head and do the same thing with the other wolves but failed. Overtime I killed another 2 wolves but the last one waited in the side for the right moment to strike. 

Bleeding very bad and slightly losing control but I noticed a shining dust in a tentacle something plant in a shroom and eat it for some reason(i love food and its the last thing i will do). That food magically heal all my wounds and get back to finish the last wolves. I skinned and collected Ylandium dust and crystal from the wolves for future studies then formulate a plan to clear the cave.

I followed the blood that the wolf that i stab earlier then I look around after i skinned the last wolf and get shock after discovering two pups...I killed the mother so i took care both of them for me to have pet...no a family.

To be continued:

Magic Blossoms grew up after the volcanic eruption!

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