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I Have recently purchased Ylands as a Christmas gift for...Well, my self. And waited long to download it, as my internet speed was slow in a 1MBPS rate. I was really excited in playing this game despite my very slow PC, I wouldn't mind playing the game in low graphics (as I did with astroneers). Now recently, I tried to open the game and ended up in failure as it kept crashing, and there was no way to even open the game and tinker with its settings. I recently got here as a Redirection from one of the devs in steam (after waiting again), and had continued to make an account and attempted to figure out how "forums" work (I'm sorry, I'm not very smart) and had the chance to ask people here on what my problem is, and how they can solve it. I was actually very surprised that someone from the Dev team came up and helped me, as this was the first time someone ever took the time to help me (my brother left me stuck in my own bathroom for ten minutes one time, and didn't even bother to help, so I have trust issues ). Despite having someone helping me, I was later notified on what the problem was. My PC didn't have minimal system requirements. It's a bummer really, I don't really have an alternative PC to play on. So this means I can't ever play the game, since I can't afford a new computer, and this was one of the few games in steam that I was fascinated on. I really can't thank you guys enough for helping me (despite me being a massive waste of time), As of now, I really have no use in these forums. Thank you so much Devs, and I hope I'll find someone's laptop left in the street, which can give me the slightest chance of playing this game. Until then, this is goodbye, and thank you so much again. I'll just keep on playing astroneers....Or starbound.... They still remind me of this game though.

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