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2 important thoughts.


1.   The main thing that got me to buy YLANDS is the idea of exploring new islands. The thing is, every island right now feels kiiinda empty (especially if you are playing alone). I hope with the NPC update this will sort out.

Suggestions on Islands "emptyness":  More animals, more hostile creatures, tribes, make caves worthy to explore, add more structures with loot and enemies guarding it, make every island unique with themes.  

During sailing, add more dangers (ship getting damaged from tornados, changing direction from bad weather etc)


2. Make MP your number 1 priority guys. Gaming nowadays is based upon that. It feels more "alive". There's always a singleplayer option for those who want to just relax alone.

Suggestions on MP: Competition, competition and competition. Make player fight for resources, loot, structures. Make big dedicated servers with more than 8 players each which will reset like every month, and upon reset, give some cosmetic rewards to the players who have fulfilled some certain tasks that month. 

Make more weapons, guns etc.


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