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Work-around for inventory bug?

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Is there any sort of work around for the inventory bug? Mine bugs out on my every few minutes. Sometimes it's so bad that I'm restarting within just a few minutes of launching the game and it doesnt save my progress every time. It rolls me back every few times I have to reset.


My pre-19th world is awful. 3-6 slots glitched out usually within 5-10 minutes.

My post-19th world isn't as bad, it took about 45 minutes for 3 items to be glitched. I started a 3rd game for a let's play series which I managed to actually get the first episode recorded without the glitch.


My friends don't have the issue to extent that I do. Is there nothing I can do to my client or some weird thing in-game I can do to curtail this at all? Like with the ships, putting down a log and picking it back up to fix the placement bug..? I'm nearing 100 hours in game so far, I really like the game, but It's starting to get to the point I can't really play it for more than 15 minutes without having to reset.

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Tbh, I don't know how, my inventory never glitched out.O.o I'm not sure but I think it caused by inventory full when picking up stuff. Try to avoid inventory full, hope it helps.

[Update] there is button to save your progress, F10 is my keybinding to save anytime, it might be different from yours. Forgot if its the default one or mine, better check the keybinding setting.


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