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  1. Hosting a MP server through pingperfect. Updated the server side code via steam update on pingperfect. Used their CP to create a new game world as I have done before. Restarted server. It's up and running fine but no one can see it from their client. Is there a way to manually wipe your save and start new via game files or is there a known issue with being able to see MP servers right now? Is there a new token to go with 0.7?
  2. blfonsworth

    Sneak Peek #47

    I am hopeful for an awesome expansion but I'm finding it hard to be too optimistic. My friend and myself were talking about the expansion yesterday and he mentioned the trade window.. I joked "It'll be cool but seeing how this is going so far I bet when you press the accept button on the trade both clients just crash" .. he chuckled and agreed ... it was about that time that the server froze for the 5th or 6th time and we both had to back out and re-join I just keep the control panel open and handy to press the restart button as needed. Knowing there is little to no hope for the map in 0.7 is also a bit disheartening How will the transition from 0.6 to 0.7 happen as far as the NPC's being spawned into games and server worlds that were generated in 0.6? Will we need to start all new world to allow for NPC's to spawn? I was thinking of a scenario where NPC's are added to existing games and end up spawning in the middle of your base because that's the coordinates the game put them at..
  3. blfonsworth

    Sneak Peek #46

    Maybe i missed it.. is there an eta on 0.7 Will there be a fix for MP map or inventory bug? Keep up the awesome work!
  4. blfonsworth

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    https://www.survivalservers.com/services/game_servers/ylands/ $15/mo? Is this legit before I buy?
  5. blfonsworth

    Dev Diary #25

    I've got some video and posted it
  6. I've got just under 50 minutes of video showing the inventory and the tree stump glitch. I know they are both known glitches but you can never have too many examples. This is a new game that I just started a few days ago with the new update. Since the update the glitch has been happening less often but it's still happening enough to make me have to reset at least once per hour if not more often. (sorry about the echo in the audio quality, something must happened when i rendered it) 5:13 : Glitch Starts - Crafting or moving single cubes causes them to be glitched, its hard to see when it happens but the next time I open my inventory at 8:26 you can see it is glitched 9:25 : Moving rails around on UI causes the glitched cube icon to move to a diff spot 13:54 : Cube block is dropped but spot is now glitched and unusable 21:10 : Moving items around on UI glitches Axe 21:28 : Rainforest tree stump glitch 31:00 : Moving prop pack glitches 43:55 : Notice coal is also glitched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIj2mMSv9cs&t=7s
  7. blfonsworth

    Digging into/out of the water

    I think it's kind of cool too. I just expected a different result. I had been tunneling under beaches to farm sand and thought "what would happen if"
  8. blfonsworth

    Digging into/out of the water

    I expected the water to come pouring in when I did this. But it didn't. This could lead to some interesting hidden bases. If you dig straight down under water this wont work. You need to start under dry ground and tunnel to the water or start under water and tunnel under dry ground)
  9. blfonsworth

    Dev Diary #25

    I've been trying to narrow that down myself but I can't seem to find any 1 thing that does it. I have noticed it seems to happen a lot if I'm dragging an object around in my inventory, especially if I try and drop it on a spot that is already occupied (not stacking same items) or if I press a key while moving it. Moving things on and off the toolbar seems to do it as well but not as often. Picking objects up seems to also do it but not as often as the drag/drop. I thought maybe there were too many items in the game world to keep track of and maybe it was a database issue, so I started trying to clean up a lot of the trash on the ground. That didnt seem to help so I tried a new game. Starting a new game world it took nearly an hour for the first item to be glitched, but once the first item went more followed pretty quickly. edit: I forgot to mention a few other things.. it also does it when drag/dropping from container to personal inventory or from personal to container. The container inventory doesn't glitch out nearly as often but it is possible. It's a much more rare glitch than my personal inventory. Also, after the 19th/20th patch the bug stopped for a very brief time but then started back again. When it started up again it functioned different, but was very specific: -Item A dragged onto Item B, Items would not switch places and Item A is placed into the open spot next to Item B and Item A is now glitched. I can no longer interact with Item B but I can Move Item A into any other spot which makes Item A no longer glitched. If I move it back to that spot and it's glitched. -I move a 3rd, Item C, into the open spot next to Item B (where Item A was moved and glitched) and Item C is now glitched, if I move it away it's no longer glitched. -If I move Item C onto Item B, they do the same as before.. they do not trade places, instead Item C is moved into the closest open spot (just like A was) and is now glitched. The only way to make Item B unstuck or to get the open slot it was moving items to not be glitched is to reset. The weirdest part is that this post-update glitch only lasted through a few resets and then it stopped working that way and went back to being random and not being able to move any glitched items around.
  10. blfonsworth

    Dev Diary #25

    By chance is there any sort of ETA on 0.7 for the inventory bug as you mentioned? I'm pretty excited about Ylands but I can't play it atm. I get an item glitched every minute or so and within 5-10 minutes several items are glitched and I'm forced to restart because there's something glitched that I need to use. My friends play on my world so they have to restart every time I do. They dont have the issue as badly as I do, actually only 1 of them has an issue with it and he says it rarely does it. It's bad enough on my client that I just decided to stop playing until it's fixed, I've been checking in every week to see if there's been a patch for it. We had 6-8 people playing at one point, now just 1 person plays on his own world
  11. blfonsworth

    when is the next update?

    There was just an update 2 days ago. Some things take longer to work on. The multiplayer thing has been talked about over and over and they are working on it. Unfortunately there is no current workaround for it like some other bugs
  12. place a log, regular log, then pick it back up. it's a temporary fix. You have to use a log, beams or other items wont work. place a log, pick it up, keep building
  13. Is there any sort of work around for the inventory bug? Mine bugs out on my every few minutes. Sometimes it's so bad that I'm restarting within just a few minutes of launching the game and it doesnt save my progress every time. It rolls me back every few times I have to reset. My pre-19th world is awful. 3-6 slots glitched out usually within 5-10 minutes. My post-19th world isn't as bad, it took about 45 minutes for 3 items to be glitched. I started a 3rd game for a let's play series which I managed to actually get the first episode recorded without the glitch. My friends don't have the issue to extent that I do. Is there nothing I can do to my client or some weird thing in-game I can do to curtail this at all? Like with the ships, putting down a log and picking it back up to fix the placement bug..? I'm nearing 100 hours in game so far, I really like the game, but It's starting to get to the point I can't really play it for more than 15 minutes without having to reset.
  14. just setup as normal and press publish. It'll switch to joinable on it's own
  15. blfonsworth

    Removing a dead body?

    My clan mate is dead on my ship. He isn't logging back in more than likely to respawn himself, I can't build over him, his body is just laying there. Can I delete him or somehow move/remove his body? I tried smacking it with an axe, that doesnt work