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Some Ideas and about the very bad lag


Hi guys,

I thought I might come back in for a few ideas. I don't know if anyone posted them yet but I thought it can't hurt to tell you some of mine. I'd love to have an empty and a full bucket, a recline chair and a sunumbrella for my porch, a couch, some curtains for the windows and some strawpiles and a watering can for the garden. Some hanging or standing pots and pans for the kitchen and a sink just for decoration would be awesome too. And now to the bad news. Unfortunately the game lags very very bad since your last update, I guess about 3 weeks ago it started for me to get really annoying, so I would understand if some people would just leave the game. I am playing on a singleplayer and my computer is capable to run Ark Survival Evolved without any problems and I do believe ARK is one of the games people complain a lot about having probs to run it. So to be honest I do not believe that my computer has the problem. Would be nice if you could try to figure out what causes that lag. Thanks :)

And one more thing, maybe noone reported that yet but when I started another new game I had the same special place on 4 islands, I found everywhere that pile of wood logs and a jail sign on the floor and a knife, some wheels. Maybe you'd need to code that this may not happen and that the randomly created islands need to have different special places with loot, otherwise it gets really very fast very boring ;)

Luna plays

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