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  1. LunaPlays

    Share your beautiful pictures!

    I did with a friend a map full of exploreable buildings and locations because I brought him to the game and he said one day: They could have really put much more efford into the scenarios that you can discover, it is pretty boring. I could not deny that. So I thought lets make this game more interesting for everyone and we started to build a whole map full of more exciting places. Unfortunately Ane told me that it is impossible to share any explore map, which is kinda game breaking because I am absolutely sure people would love the game if it had that possibility to share a map that you did build with friends! Doing a whole map all alone in the editor, no thanks! Much more fun together! Maybe the Ylands team could consider to change it. Here is a small part of what we did in pictures and as I mentioned it is maybe half of what we did ( click on the pictures to enlarge them): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015106678/screenshots/ It might inspire you for your own building and hopefully it encourages the Yland team to change the upload possibilities for the future. Happy playing Luna plays
  2. LunaPlays

    How to upload an explore map to share it

    The problem is that there is no "Shared" folder in my remote folder and if I hit the button to pack for sharing the editor doesn't do anything at all. So I wonder if it is possible at all to upload and share your explore game. I tryed yesterday by the page from Ylands to upload anything there, as it is discribed by Whane, did not work for me, because I got no YCP file anywhere and the game won't create one in the editor!
  3. I read the whole forum and did not find anything how to upload a map that I created in explore mode. Is it possible to make a YCP from an exploration scenario and how does that work, because if I hit the "Pack for Sharing" button in the editor, nothing happens and also I can not find any YCP file in my game save folder: Games Steam userdata 54840950 298610 remote. And I would be very happy if the developers could make it possible to upload explore maps to share them, if it isn't possible yet.
  4. We are just building a map full of explorable locations and discovered that you can not erase the ship parts for the front and back of a big ship if you drop them on the ground. We tryed in editor and in the normal explore mode by annihilator and hammer, nothing worked to get rid of them. I also tryed different ways in the editor of erasing by right clicking the object and go on delete and by pressing the remove key on the keyboard, they got invisible if we went out of render distance but were back when we logged back in. Ship Hullaft, Ship Hull Fore can not be deleted if you drop them on the ground!
  5. LunaPlays

    Content Theft

    Kimbuck I really don't want to hurt you, but I need to tell you that if people don't even go that step to fill in a DMCA complaint they can not complain then about their work getting stolen and being unable to do anything against the theft. In your case if you even know others authors that experienced that theft with the same page it should be easy to get the page down from the search machines if all of you group up and do together a complaint. Of course it is understandable that you don't want to pay the fee to log into a page that might have stolen anything, but as I said, if you aren't even willing to get a proof you can not complain about the bad protection in the net. No offence, but you will need to take action otherwise this is just a wild guess. Could be just a topic that mentions your book in that page, but you are already posting in this forum that your work got stolen. I do get why it upsets you but it sounds a bit strange if you state in one post that you can't do anything against the theft that happened to you and in the next post you admit that you never found out what exactly got stolen and if at all. I cross fingers that you can protect your work and fill in a DMCA complaint, if anything got stolen.
  6. LunaPlays

    Content Theft

    Sounds terrible, but the difference is again that you wanted to earn money with your work. Also for the record: Just a simple question, did you all hand in a DMCA complaint at google to get the page down from the search machines? Because Google would need to support you to stop the theft? And how come that you did chose a publisher in a country that is well known for their Wild West situation in law matters? (this last question now rather out of curiousity)
  7. LunaPlays

    Content Theft

    Just to make that clear, this is not a case of someone that did his own guide by being inspired by any steam guide, he copied all one-to-one from steam guides. Second he lives obviously in the Turkey, which got European rights as far as I know. Still their political situation is ...lets say compared to Germany like Wild West. Also he is the one earning money with his page by advertisement and not the guide writers, because we did not get a penny for our work, because it was done voluntary and on a social basis for the community. Third I saw already one time in a different case that steam actively fights copyright violations. So lets hope the best! It is of course easy to say: Hey you got anyway no chance instead of helping, or do you really think that your post helped me now. You discourage people to fight for their rights. It might be right, that it is difficult, I am aware of that otherwise I would not state that a lawyer would be the minimum to have, but google offers you to take the complete page down from search machines and they are not interested into taking anything down, they just do their duty. Why would they do that if there would not be any copyright or if copyright would be illegal or not fair? If you would write books or create a song or movie you would view this copyright matter different. But we aren't talking about earning money by copyright, we are talking about a far worse violation, a hurt of personal dedication to the society, a social behaviour that gets hurt by a greedy idiot that steals work. And of course we are talking about a provider that doesn't do his duty and earns money by the page too. My husband brought it to the point that you probably mean too: "He is smart, he earns money with work that others did!" Right? So does that mean that he will succeed with it? No! And could he just open up the same page again at any different provider? Yes he could, but I do believe Google would take it down the second time without asking, because they got also nicer stuff to spend their days on and he wouldn't be the first one with that nice try. We also copied songs from the radio on tape in earlier days and we shared our games and videos with friends. I do still believe that it is your right to do this at least within your family and not buy a game 3 times just because 3 people in your family want to play or use it at different times. To me that is a totally understandable complaint about copyright, but not if people work social for the community. Then you'll cause that no one does that any more and if you support this by telling them they wouldn't have any rights to at least protect the personal intellectual property of their work or the right to say "this is my dedicated action in society" you'll cause that in the future no one will be willing any more to react social to anyone, which would mean to end social networks. First step to do then is to close all the community forums to not let anyone post there. So the base for your post would be gone and trust me Ylands doesn't earn by running and paying this forum here, it is also social. ( I really wished people had the brain to not view things one sided like you just did! Sorry but that just gets me a littlebit upset although I do know: Bla bla Mr Freeman ) So you force me to show here the other side, although it means even more work to do so. Try to think social to view the other side, I know we are the idiots of the nation, but all nations of the world grew and gained by idiots like that. And there are still some survivors as you can see. And I am not going to show the white feather just because some people would. That might just be my life story, because I had 3 heart attacks because of antisocial people that I took too much to my heart and the selfish reaction of people almost killed me, but seriously even if it might not be smart I will stick to it because deep down in my heart I still believe that is the right way to go and society would be not social anymore without people that fight in any way for this. Especially men are very fast with realistic looking comments (sorry, no offence, but that is just a fact), but that doesn't mean you overlook that it is usually at court anyway a matter of luck or money to be successful. The laws are not executed for the poor old social man that tries to help his neighbour, they are executed for whatever interests, mostly it is about money. In this case of social work you will never be able to predict what happens if the other part involves a lot of money to keep his page, but I personally believe he will not be able to fight against many DMCA reports he might get. So to discourage and even say any reaction to it would be probably not successful might be a nice meant warning, but is definitely not the way to believe or go! If all the guide writers on steam will not bother, because it was not so much work for them and just turn their back on it then my chances go of course down to fight this. But I am not even getting started yet, because I want to give steam the possibility to not have trouble on their platform, because I am a social thinking lady and who knows what shit storm breaks loose if I react in a wrong way about this issue. I could imagine that there could be some trouble, otherwise I would not try to react wisely. Honestly women tend to react emotional and such cases are the last ones you want to be emotional. Still I do strongly believe that by not being the part that earns money by the content and having done it for a social reason ( and the guides do also help selling the games) gives the guide writers at least a moral and ethic plus in the eyes of anyone that will need to decide about it.
  8. LunaPlays

    Content Theft

    Thank you Ales and give my greetings to the other developers please. I did write to steam meanwhile and am now most of all in need of any laywer that could write a letter to the violator and the provider, because a private mail from me they did not take serious at all. I am unfortunately very handicaped by a heart illness that weakens me too much to fight this alone. So I would need some publicity in case that steam can not take care of this case. I do still expect them to need to do so, because there are just so many other people from steam affected by this theft. I asked them to let me know if they take any action, otherwise I really need to find more help by contacting the other guide writers and somehow getting any laywer that can write a simple letter, maybe even with a bill so that he earns something for his work and some publicity to be more effective. Hopefully not everyone will just turn around and leave me alone with this. There is still the possibility to let google remove that page from all search machines by a DMCA complaint. But I do honestly believe that this provider should also get punished if he ignores a DMCS notice I did send.
  9. LunaPlays

    Content Theft

    Hi Designated Drinker, how did you get that idea, absolutely every published work, also guides, that you create yourself and put into the net are copyrighted (if you don't say that you don't want to have any copyright) especially if you even post that you have copyright on your work, what I did. I mean seriously if the internet would offer to steal everything no one would post anything at all. Just imagine you write a guide for cooking, simply called a cooking book. You will use already existing recipes and those are not under copyright, but the book you write, the way you sort the things and your personal description is still under copyright. Would be strange if not, because no one would publish anything like that anymore. Maybe you should read this to end that myth about having no copyrights on a guide you wrote. This was posted about copyright and intellectual property concerning games: https://www.gamefaqs.com/help/29-copyrights-trademarks-and-plagiarism
  10. LunaPlays

    Content Theft

    Hi guys, checking back to you to send you all a hug for the upcoming new year. Also want to give you the short information that my Ylands guides content but also other guides content that I wrote got stolen by some page in the net that does traffic with steam guides content it seems. The whole content theft he does has such an huge extend that it is easy to proof and that I had to write to the steam support because a lot, and I really mean a lot of steam guide writers seem to be affected. The whole page seems to be mainly set up by stolen steam guides content that does traffic for that guy. I don't want to post now the link to not give that guy the traffic I already cause by all my DMCA notifications I did sent to the provider and steam. However I did contact at first the page owner who did ignore my message and then the provider of that page, in the worst case the provider is also the violator, but you can never know, so I just requested them to take my content down within 14days and also told them that if they don't take the whole page down a lot more complaints might come in soon, because I am going to give the information to all the guide writers in case that steam also doesn't want to take action. I also gave the infos to steam of course to give them a possiblity to take action before I make anyone upset, which I really would like to avoid, but in case that the support trys to just give me a standard message to get rid of me they might regret that soon. This might go even public, because I do believe steam doesn't like content theft from their page, even not in the community guides and in the worst case for that thief he might have to pay for his violation. There is a possibility to let google know about this too and in that case he might be taken off all search machines. However I took at first care that that page will not go on stealing as good as I could by giving the information to steam and the provider of that page. Every help offer will be of course very much appreciate, because this is not just affecting one person that does some social and vulonteer work for games on steam! I do think we should not tolerate theft at this and this is not about me but about all those people that do work for early access games on steam. We all do not get paid for all the hours we do put into this, of course you could just say: Hey why reacting at all! But my feeling tells me that we may not allow that to happen, because a lot of people that work for free would get demotivated and stop working for games like this! I am just an old lady that got the time to support the really great early access games but I assure you I do put my heart into supporting young people that develop games because I was earlier 3d designer and my husband is programmer. I love playing and I love the developers because I know how much heart they put themselves into this! And if you can support me now in any way feel free to contact me in this case on steam by a comment on my profil "Luna plays". Thank You! Have a Happy New Year Luna plays
  11. LunaPlays

    A guide for english and german people

    It is a pleasure to me to help people with some informations especially to make more people play this really awesome game Luna plays
  12. Hi guys, I thought I might come back in for a few ideas. I don't know if anyone posted them yet but I thought it can't hurt to tell you some of mine. I'd love to have an empty and a full bucket, a recline chair and a sunumbrella for my porch, a couch, some curtains for the windows and some strawpiles and a watering can for the garden. Some hanging or standing pots and pans for the kitchen and a sink just for decoration would be awesome too. And now to the bad news. Unfortunately the game lags very very bad since your last update, I guess about 3 weeks ago it started for me to get really annoying, so I would understand if some people would just leave the game. I am playing on a singleplayer and my computer is capable to run Ark Survival Evolved without any problems and I do believe ARK is one of the games people complain a lot about having probs to run it. So to be honest I do not believe that my computer has the problem. Would be nice if you could try to figure out what causes that lag. Thanks And one more thing, maybe noone reported that yet but when I started another new game I had the same special place on 4 islands, I found everywhere that pile of wood logs and a jail sign on the floor and a knife, some wheels. Maybe you'd need to code that this may not happen and that the randomly created islands need to have different special places with loot, otherwise it gets really very fast very boring Luna plays
  13. This guide got now also a list of: How to craft firearms at its weapon chapter, a list of car parts at All about cars, more Workbenches at the chapter about crafting stations, Tips and Hints about Fighting, dying and respawn at Important Basics 2, a list of known item ID's and most interesting maybe a Tutorial for the Map Editor in english and german http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1233299910 More improvements coming soon Happy playing Luna plays
  14. LunaPlays

    A guide for english and german people

    Guys ty for the attention and posting my guides infos, you'd make my day if you could add please the link to my steam guide page, (this is the link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1233299910 ) because the informations will get updated and altered while you develop the game and I am pretty active with this all the time Thanks in advance and I promiss it is going to improve while I am going on, because I wrote this guide only for 2 days till now, so expect much more to come Happy Playing Luna
  15. Hi guys, I am coming in to give you the link to a new guide in english and german for Ylands. Especially for germans it might be helpful, because the game doesn't support german yet. I extra added a german translation with some english words to help the people to find and understand everything and to support that more people buy the game. I hope you'll enjoy it and I am going to add more infos while the game goes on in development. And this is the link to The Complete Guide for Ylands: " Tutorial and Crafting Guide " http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1233299910 Feel free to move this post where ever you think it could be useful and to visite my steam profil "Luna plays" to see more guides and early access reviews that I do write as steam curator on my "Top or flop" page. You'll find a nice review about your game there too. I love to support good early acess games by my work. http://top-or-flop.bytefortress.de/reviews.html Happy playing Luna