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About This Club

Welcome to Yfort Ygor. A community made by Empeorgame3 as M.M. With this community we can enhance the future with outstanding tools given by the ylands team. With the editor, we can showcase the materials that we have made it. We will have expeditions and mini-games for showcasing our materials. Join us. We are more than one.

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  2. empeorgame3(2)

    Our introductory passage.

    Welcome to YFORT YFGOR GAMING COMMUNITY. Here is our introductory document. YFORT YGOR.rar
  3. Welcome to YFORT YGOR composition community here spread the compositions through our great community of composition. Here we have mentioned our composition and the upcoming compositions 1. Fort celton Design (Used for hermitland government buildings for example Hermitland General Assembly) 2. Hert Mathew's Building coming soon. 3. King Ford's Fort Coming soon 4. Dell's Office Coming soon 5. The YQSA mosque (the first mosque of ylands) 6. Cantonmental Cathrdral coming soon 7. European styled building for example Provincial Parliaments and insitutes. 8. Dsrk's hotel tower coming soon 9. Hermitland National Court & Parliament. (On construction edition released) 10. Mahood's port and oil platform. These are the compositions which will come and are published. Support and Join us.
  4. empeorgame3(2)

    Project HermitLand

    This is the brief project that is published about the HermitLand. https://sites.google.com/view/hermitland
  5. empeorgame3(2)

    Our Website

    YY has a website. https://sites.google.com/view/@?@
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