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    Game not loading

    Hello Ruprecht, Did you ever get a response to this issue? It doesn't look like it. I'm having the same issue but mine get all the way to 96% on the recalling buildings load attempt. Did you ever get this issue resolved? Thanks, Mark
  2. I see that another "newbie" back on Feb 12th has mostly the same issue and was giving no reply whatsoever. Can a developer please at least respond as to if this not an issue you will help with? Thanks Mark Sanders
  3. I noticed the same issue. I have a windmill on my ship sending power to the re charger. It used to recharge all six engines but not anymore. So.....Is this not going to be available to do anymore. Has it been changed for a reason or is it just a bug? The charger does re charge the large (or any other) power cells. I really want this feature to work.
  4. Hello, My savegame won't load. It starts the loading and gets the terrain finished then goes to the buildings load but won't complete. It stops and hangs at 96%. I am playing single player exploration. Recently, there was a crash. This is what the crash notice said. " Fatal error in GC. Get thread context failed. Crash_2018_03-04_181540. After the crash I reloaded the game and it worked for a while then the saved game wouldn't load anymore. I'm attaching the requested output files. Is there anyway I can get this game to load again. Mark Sanders output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt