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  1. Expancion

    Aircraft suggestion topic

    Upvote for this, as it would be something cool to have. Like endgame, travel to another bunch of ylands for e.g.
  2. Expancion

    GAME Suggestion - Animal Domestication

    Yea that would be great.
  3. Hello fellow Ylanders, I would like to sugest all sort of animals to be domesticated. Like for example goats, or even ostriges and rabbits etc... As we have now horses that we can ride on. I went through all things and since we have new patch out, i see that we are hungering alot way faster. I would like to have some farms with pigs and give live to my town. Is this possible? On forums about domestication i havent seen alot of. Would be nice to have it. Thanks guys! Looking forward to hear from you, Sincerly Expancion
  4. Oh couldn't find this thing so I have created a thread. Atleast this is not specific. Also is a bug that i dont see the point in middle my screen? As it gets hard to select things.
  5. Hello Team, I ran to a bug when I switched on the barrier and with hammer when i tried to destroy a item it freezes. I can press buttons etc go to menu but i cant walk. And this is frustrating bug that i have ran to. Thank you, Kind regards and happy easter, Expancion
  6. Well it has been solved by it self. And it started working by it self. Just to let you know.
  7. @Ane, @Aleš Ulm, Hello All, oday I wanted play, and ran into the screen on Ylands that resolved to that I cannot play the game. Firewall of the router does not drop anything, Also I checked out my Firewall in Win 10 and Inbound and outbound connection is allowed for both TCP and UDP ports for the game. As I was able to play ylands 2 days ago i think. Kind regards, Martin output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt DxDiag.txt
  8. For me it does happened in protective barrier as well, when I was trying to connect to friend who has started the "cloud" game.
  9. I know this is thread from Feb. But I have got the same problem in the game. This Immortality curse. Somehow appeared on me. I have also attached my output log. And this happened after few days of playing in the Multiplayer Cloud game. As I am the host. output_log.zip
  10. Expancion

    Sneak Peek #51

    Also i don't know if it was mentioned, but will there be fixed a bug with the water? As i dig in water, it is still playing the sound but i can't see it. It just dissapear. And sometimes i found bug of harvesting trees and items are to high to get them. Any suggestions?
  11. Expancion

    Dev Diary #35

    Awesome job. Love the game. Hope you will add something like trains and stuff to have it quite great. Also, some nice tracks for cars would be nice. Anyway, love the game even more.