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  1. I typically disregard in-game purchases.  However, in Ylands, I really like the idea of vanity items, and have spent coyn on them.  I drew the line at the furniture deco because of the "using them up" situation, although I understand why that's a thing. I feel as though the blue prints are where the in-game purchases might get interesting.  I would be more willing to purchase an asset, like a car or a mansion, if I didnt have to collect the resources to make it.  I'm somewhat happy with the way it works now, as long as you stay true to your core vision.  I should still be able to play the game comfortably without having to buy anything else.  And make it so everyone else can graphically see that I spent this coyn on this revolver skin.  Im tired of being the only one that knows I have this sweet Sat night special in my pocket.



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