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  1. balijana


    I hope we' ll have the possibilty to build airship. I made a ship in minecraft, I loved to travel the world and drop a rope to get out.
  2. balijana

    seed planting

    Actually, you have to click and hold the mouse button to plant a seed, it's not bad but when you want to plan 100 seeds it begins to be really awfull. Could we have the possibility to plant a seed and after it's done another one is plant without to have to offhold the button ? for those like me who have pain when clicking too much, it would be great ! (the same when picking up wood ? :D)
  3. I do, I bought the game and play it with my 7 years old daughter ?
  4. balijana

    Expanded World Generation

    I was coming on the forum to post pretty the same idea, add square map connected each other by a side and perhaps add a big map only updating the square where you are curently.
  5. Hi, I had an issue after migration from windows 7 to windows 10. The game didn"t start anymore, I stayed stuck with a black screen, I could play once and changed the graphics quality in the unity launcher. After impossible to start. I soluced my problem with adding the parameters -show-screen-selector in the starting option and being able to change the graphics quality. since my game works. I hope this will be usefull