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    ship stuff by zarwil

    OKay thanks i will be in tune
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    ship stuff by zarwil

    Hi! i'm a newbie building ships but i felt inspired with your pirate ship you went my inspiration to build The Exodus Spanish Galleon. Thanks to you a lot ^^ now. can i ask you... how yo do the wood laminated technique? please it will be so inspiring for the good looking of another ship. Thanks for your work keep it up!
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    Dev Diary #54

    Wow! I just realised that my ship appears in the devs log!! Wow so much honor i have! Thanks @StoutCrusher I really love the effect appearance of my ship hehe thank you
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    Account linking issue - names

    Yeah it could be, if there where a mistake it must be solved. You don't deserve a name that you cannot like
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    Velocifer's Workshop

    Wow this is on another whole new level it's impressive what you've build! SO A W E S O M E! Keep doing it dude i love it!
  6. Hello Fellow Ylanders! My Pleasure to share with all kind of people around the world my newest Galleon, The Exodus! Hope you like it! / Muy Buenas queridos compañeros Ylanders! Es un Placer para mi compartir con vosotros mi nuevo Galeón, El Exodus! Espero que os guste! DOWNLOAD SAVEWORLD THIS IS MY INSPIRATION TO BUILD MY SHIP | ESTA ES MI INSPIRACIÓN PARA CONTRUIR MI BARCO This is the copy or remake of the Andalucía Galleon it was a WarShip that actually was Sailing throught the ocean in time of Piratery and comercial routes in the Golden Pirate Era /Esta es la Réplica Actual del Galeón Andalucía un galeón que llegó a existir en aquella época de piratería y rutas de comercio. The First Stage was to build the front Part / La Primera parte fue contruir la parte frontal. Then i start building the back side /Luego empecé a construir el lado trasero Then i build a Balcony in the backside of the ship / Luego construí un balcón en la parte de atrás del barco. Then in the front i Build a cage or view point to spot diferent places / Luego en el frontal contruí una jaula de vigía para detectar diferentes lugares Then i Add some detailing and principal structure of the deck / Ahora añado algunos detalles y en la estructura principal de la cubierta Later i build the Stern Castle the captain quarters and other details / Mas tarde contruí el castillo de popa donde se encuentran los aposentos del capitán y añadí otros detalles Some Stairs, Detailing in the Balcony and some structural decorations / Algunas escaleras detalles en el balcón y algunas decoraciones de estructura I Add the Sails but i don't leave there then i rebuild it but it's only to see the final product / Añadí las velas pero no las dejé, luego las deconstruí esto era solo para ver el resultado final I add Vertical sails to increase the speed of Wind / Añadí velas laterales para incrementar la velocidad con el viento THE FINAL RESULT / EL RESULTADO FINAL (PAINTING AND MORE / PINTURA Y DEMÁS) That's it! i hope they add the Workshop Functions to share our builds i grant this ship for pleasure / Eso es todo! Espero que añadan la función de Workshop para compartir nuestras construcciones de seguro os comparto este barco con placer For Consulting or some questions you can speak me within the comments! See Ya! / Para consultas o lo que sea podéis decirme lo que sea en los comentarios! Nos vemos! NEW IMPROVEMENTS! / NUEVAS MEJORAS!! Added new apearances / Añadidas nuevas apariencias I Tried to sink it with a copy / Probé a hundirlo con una copia With new Interior decorated! /Con un nuevo interior decorado!! I add a Bell and some barrels in the deck / He añadido una campana y algunos barriles en cubierta And that's all, Thanks to V-Alfred for inspiring me better to do the design looks awesome! Thank you Man / Y eso es todo, Gracias a V-Alfred que me inspiró para mejorar el diseño del barco a Mejor!! Gracias compañero!
  7. Thanks Mate! it's a good idea to do the side, i plan something like rope stairs or something like that, i would update the topic when it's done. Thank you for your reply
  8. Awesome Build! I love the way it looks the balloon! and the ships it's amazing! Well done!
  9. amoreno1able

    Account linking issue - names

    HI i purchased Ylands Via Steam and when i was playing with my girlfriend she has changed my name to MeliPlayerX but my desired name is amoreno1. That was my original name but now says it's taken... i have a bohemia acount the name is amoreno1able but i want amoreno1 nickname in the game, can you help me?? i want so badly to link the bohemia account to my game and my name is amoreno1.... thanks for that i will be in tune for the support!
  10. Tuve que construirla en una roca, el oleaje hacía imposible construirla en condiciones!! Así se aprecia desde atrás, sé que no se parece pero lo intenté de otra manera jeje. Así se aprecia en una tormenta en el ocaso de la mañana. Y de noche a la distáncia se aprecia esa luz fantasmal que solo se distingue desde cerca OTRAS FOTOS: