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  1. Yea not having enough resources is even difficult on solo mode. I've literally spent hours trying to find iron, the best I could get was from destroying a plane wreckage. The option to show all available crafting recipes just cheapens the experience. It make sense to have that setting only decided by the server admin thought, I'm not sure how this works on multiplayer since I play offline. I suggested they turn those mine able stone rocks into mine able ore rocks that respawn. Maybe they can add the option to make them respawnable through the server admin settings. The only foreseeable problem I can see, is if an ore rock is spawned on top of someones house. So obviously they would have to make them respawnable in caves and make the caves a restricted build zone so that they can't be blocked by other players. Also I would suggest to procedural generate those crystal lights at the entrance of every cave so that they are easier to spot. I appreciate the challenge thought, just not to this extent...
  2. 1ZombieFan

    Lazy Players..

    I got it to work without logic. Only difference is that it detects the players based on an array and opens the chest once. You should set the id on the key and chest in the editor. It will allow only the admins to open/close the chest, assuming other players don't get the key. Everything you want to spawn can be modified On Open, you can also set a custom message on the note if you like. It will also despawn items not specified On Open, so don't put anything in the chest that you value. Here's the .ycomp if you know how to install it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2bt8retb8aqlpp/CHEST+FOR+NEW+PLAYERS.ycomp I hope that help you guys out. I cant upload it to the gallery without it posting my real name so I give up trying to get it on the workshop. : |
  3. 1ZombieFan

    DEV ANSWER Change workshop username

    That worked! Thank you. *edit* Nevermind I think it change the name right as I published the composition I wanted to upload. Does it have to be linked to your steam account to change? I can't link it to my steam account because for some reason it says it already been registered. I've played ylands early aplha before steam not sure if that's the reason I cant link my account.
  4. I'd like to change my workshop username to 1ZombieFan. I don't want to upload everything with my real name. Not sure where to post this..
  5. 1ZombieFan


    Hmm...I don't know if this is related but I normally get that error when something is hogging the internet. Did you check to see if anything was downloading in the background? Try pressing ctrl+alt+del, select task manager, then click on the network label to see if anything is hogging you're internet. Should be able to find the culprit if that's the case. Sometimes programs will hog all of your internet in the background if not properly configured. Happens to me all the time, especially with windows 10 and there "delivery optimization" service. It could also just be steam downloading an update as well. I would recommend pausing any downloads in the background before launching ylands, as it has to connect to the servers first before allowing you to play the game.
  6. 1ZombieFan

    Lazy Players..

    What about adding respawnable chests through visual scripting? I think you should be able to make them immune to damage that way as well. If you want I could paste the code of one I've made. Also you could probably just make it so they spawn with basic items instead.
  7. 1ZombieFan

    [NEW]Useful Text Functions

    So I was playing around with this and I figured out how to change the size of the text. Thanks for the ycomp, I had no idea this was possible. Also I agree this should already be integrated with the editor.
  8. 1ZombieFan

    Hey guys, I made a thing! C.A.G.E.

    Genius! I'll admit I'm a bit jealous I hadn't figured out how to do this myself.
  9. 1ZombieFan

    " Once-lers"

    I'm half tempted to try multiplayer just so I can build a house full of spiked traps. They should make some sort of defense system like turrets, tripwires, and landmines. That way you logout you know atleast you have a chance at saving your stuff.
  10. 1ZombieFan

    Can we bring horses on ships yet?

    You can technically move them if you teleport them to your ship. It also works with cars. Since it doesn't require game logic you can also place it in explore mode. Here's a composition I made as an example. http://www.mediafire.com/file/19v0cpp8krdlcpa/TELEPORT_HORSE.ycomp/file Copy that files into Steam\userdata\71812699\298610\remote\Compositions. Then open up your explore game in the editor and click the 3 cubes, select the composition then paste it into your game. Then select edit script on the lever and select the eyedropper for horsevar. Then select your horse. Make sure thought that when you place the lever, that its actually placed on the ship else it wont attach. Also the magic horseshoe is used as a teleportation marker, so place it wherever you want the horse to be ported. I would have uploaded this to the workshop if the workshop didn't give out my real name.