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    RESOLVED [YLD-13359] Hit radius

    If I were some first-days alpha tester running some free-for-demo test version, I could consider a console command as a soon-to-be fixed issue, while still requiring some access ergonomy. I admit Ylands is still an early access, but 1st person mode has worked awesomely since I bought the game and it has disappeared. Replacing the inactive shortcut key by its console command cannot be considered as a fixed issue, while it was said (on Steam) that this command was still to be used at player's risk, as it could entail bugs. The reason why the shortcut key was deactivated, I suppose. As I am not an advanced user, I consider I don't have to use a console command while the command has been deactivated, even if the console command is still available. My solution remains to consider it is not fixed yet, and therefore I should not play as far as I can't make fun without 1st person mode. This is not the main subject of the post, back to the main subject: Hit radius. I understand your arguments about tools/weapons slay feature. As you're coming from ARMA community (which appears to be a COMBAT game), you sure have the experience of such request in a COMBAT game. I've tried to play some games as Life is Feudal, which was not clearly shown as a sandbox, but some survival game which was slightly evolving to a multiplayer RPG, where combat finally took over. And I left the game. Should the debate turn to "Ylands, sandbox or multiplayer survival?", I would most regretfully choose the same: Leave definitely. I will probably not wait until some advanced modder removes the things that I don't like in the game if the destiny of the game is to turn to multiplayer combat functionnalities. However, this is not the game that I bought. And there were no clear signs that Ylands was heading in this direction. Were they?
  2. Salvelinus

    RESOLVED [YLD-13359] Hit radius

    Right, in real life axe can be a weapon. As many object considered not being ones. Pen, sticks, ropes, chains, or almost whatever. Should we ask for combo-shots with pens? While not being able to have maps? I try to make fun with it, but I'm really missing my favorite game and can't really enjoy it without 1st person view. Maybe I'm wrong, but I hold responsible for this the new combat functionnalities (combo-shots in particular), which WERE NOT a priority in a sandbox, while missing 1st person view IS a priority. I'm really disappointed that Bohemia Interactive still maintains these "improvements" with such drawbacks.
  3. Salvelinus

    RESOLVED [YLD-13359] Hit radius

    Guess I was wrong about the axe being the only tool to cut trees. My mistake. However, could we conclude that combos for an axe is a bad idea? We seem to agree on this point, as far as I can see.
  4. Salvelinus

    RESOLVED [YLD-13359] Hit radius

    I would rather say about this technical issue that it simply shouldn't happen. The underlying question is: "Is an axe a tool for cutting wood or a weapon?" By the way, other tools such as pickaxes and hammers don't have a hit radius in the new version. We have a wild-range choice with weapons, while we have only the axe to cut trees (though weapons will cut them too, which is a pain when aiming at the animal just beside). An evident and quite fast solution would certainly be to return the axe to the tools universe, and to clearly consider apart tools and weapons for their impacts and uses.
  5. Salvelinus

    DEV ANSWER 1st person view doesn't work anymore

    Oh ok. I didn't notice it was mentioned, sorry for asking idiotly. In my view, first person view is very useful in many ways, from planting and harvesting to mining in narrow places and accurately selecting the drops to collect (due to a small and unextensible inventory). As hit radius issue and combos are also disturbing for ordinary actions and can't be toggled down for the moment, I guess I'd better concentrate on another game while you're consolidating this update. Thank you for your quick and kind reply.
  6. Since today's update, I can't switch to first person view anymore. As I saw that C-key is now used for construction mode too, I've managed to change my shortcuts so that there is no conflict. It still doesn't work. PS : I also experience hit radius and logs in floor issues.