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  1. Would be great to be able to cancel sleep, as I’m dieing in my sleep a lot. You used to auto wake up if hungry and that is not happening. Once I die in my sleep then I fail to lay down in a bed until I reload the game.
  2. If I accidentally sleep, thinking it’s night time but it’s just bad weather and dark.. I can’t wake myself up so I have to wait.. then I starve and die!! Drives me nuts would love an option to cancel sleep. Today while playing my charactor almost died in their sleep with the above happening yet I managed to be just on the brink of death when I woke I ate food, healed myself by treating wounds then I thought I was fine had full hearts only to start loosing hearts and then ultimately die. clicked continue re spawned died again after loosing hearts for no reason. I cannot load the level without dieing now.. and the cause is unknown.. doesn’t say I’m starving, the biome is not cold.. not hot, nothing it flashing or eating me, simply loosing hearts for no reason. I loaded another game and it is not happening, seems to be just my shared game.. image is of me dieing after many occasions all with undertermend death.. and no one else in game to have /killme
  3. Jalnena Pearce

    Multiplayer issues

    Other characters who are away from the game but charactor is siting there.. there has been these issues for me. if they have been left near a furnace when I’ve lit it up they’ve become to hot and died. Another example is when I leave on a ship and their charactor has been left on the ship they will fall threw, the graphics and die.