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  1. "Dear Applicants for the Chef Magician title! The Chef Wars - JAM Edition - will make you a Chef or a Gatherer, and you will work together as a Team, to satisfy our connoisseurs. The Gatherer will search and deliver the ingredients for the Meals the guests ordered. (The Gatherer and the Chef can interact with each other at a Kitchen Pyramid, we have service tables prepared for you.) The Chef will cook and slice these ingredients, and finish the Meal on one of our appliances: the Chopping Board or the Oven. Lastly the Meal has to be served to the guest and your Team will be rewarded with Victory Points."
  2. Hello! As we started to create this minigame we soon realized how rich the food crafting system already is (I have to admit I had to re-learn it too, on our server we eat corn most of the time, now i feed usually from the Cube). Did you know that you can slice up a meat? Or roast it and slice it after? The only thing I was a little sad about, that the Pizza is not craftable (yet). But we all love Pizzas! So we started our minigame from here, in Chef Wars you can bake a Pizza! And PHARAOH PALEO offers many more delicacies: 1) CRAZY RABBIT 3 roasted rabbit meats (on a fire or stove) + 3 carrots + 3 bearberries 2) SUGARBIRD 3 roasted bird meats (on a fire or stove) + 12 pineapple slices (made from 3 pineapples, with a knife) + 3 bananas 3) FISH & CHIPS 3 roasted fishes (on a fire or stove) + 3 baked potatoes (on a fire or stove) 4) PHARAOH SALAD 3 hard-boiled eggs (on a fire or stove) + 6 pineapple halves (from 3 pineapples, with a knife) + 3 grains 5) WILD STEAK 3 roasted meat slices (on a fire or stove, and with a knife) + 3 roasted vegetables (made from any 3 vegetables, on a fire or stove) + 3 blackberries 6) TREASURES OF THE SEA 3 oyster meats (split from the shell, with a knife) + 3 roasted crabs (on a fire or stove) + 3 roasted starfishes (on a fire or stove) 7) PIZZA 1 bread (on a fire or stove from 1 bread dough) + 3 spinachs + 3 roasted champignons (on a fire or stove) 😎 PHARAOH SOUP 1 vegetable soup (made from any 3 vegetables on a fire or stove) + 3 roasted meats (on a fire or stove) + 3 carrots The Guests and the Barkeeper already arrived, next time we will show you where you find the ingredients for the Meals.
  3. Hello to all the beautiful and kind people here! I want to introduce our game, the Chef Wars to you! Let me start with an Introduction from the Boss' of the PHARAO PALEO himself: "Dear Applicants for the Chef Magician title! Our connoisseurs of paleo are here today because they want the best meals possible. They know that we are VERY dedicated to paleo. Our meals are fresh as it is humanly possible. We EVEN craft our own tools for the hunt or for the best catch. And we also ENTERTAIN our guests by doing it this way - there are beast outside who are hungry too. So good luck and have fun, the guests are waiting!"
  4. Cthulunatic

    Cthulunatic Manor

    And I wish i could use the logics as you do.
  5. Cthulunatic

    Exploration party in 2 hours! You are invited!

    It's a trailer.
  6. Cthulunatic

    Cthulunatic Manor

    I left our room, Room #13, and the attic out for a reason - those are quest locations.
  7. Cthulunatic

    Cthulunatic Manor

    Inside sneak peaks: #1 upstairs #2 Alchemy Room #3 Cthulhu Shrine #4 Toilet #5 Kitchen and Diner #6 Memorial Statue #7 Observatory
  8. Cthulunatic

    Cthulunatic Manor

    #1 Overview #2 Front #3 Cthulunatic is always watching #4 side view #5 Manor from behind
  9. Cthulunatic

    Cthulunatic Manor

    Hello every1, I saw you already found it and posted on Facebook, so i just wanted to share more info & pictures with you about the Manor. I build this for my Adventure / RPG game, this is the scenery for Act #3 where the players find out that the person they are looking for went mad and became Cthulunatic. It is not finished yet, but because the Facebook appearance I share with you where it stands. Facebook post
  10. Cthulunatic

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    A TOTALLY lovely Friday afternoon at the Sea.
  11. Too much restrictions for me, but I will help MyPa55 and Chasepai if they wish.
  12. Cthulunatic

    thanks and screenshots

    Greatings fellow adventurers! I just came here to thank all the DEVs for creating this beautiful game! I bought the game for my Birthday, i play it since a month and i already have 400 hours in the game. Let me share some of my creations to show you how much fun i had in this month. :)