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    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18250] Can't Unban, Can't respawn

    Well, the Case sensitive thing as per bojo2736 worked, however my friend is still dead in my server and is unable to revive, the button is still grayed out. Would love to have an update because I miss playing with my friend on the server we spent countless hours on. The server is hosted by friends who are in the server because at this time my PC is unable to host and it stutters alot. My friend who lives in texas was the one hosting in the server when this happened.
  2. My in game name is Yotie and my friends name who can't respawn on my server is Iski I was trying to fix my friends respawn problem from yesterday, they died in a mining accident and could not respawn at all, the respawn button to respawn was all grayed out and unclickable. So I tried to use the /kick command and without warning it banned them. So I tried to use the /unban command and used their username with correct spelling many times and it said user not found. output_log_clean.txt DxDiag.txt