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  1. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Adrie's server

    This is for the little prick/s who killed us while we where logged out and blocked the doors of the camp: Shame on you. We provided support for the new ppl and u abused it. I hope there is a possibility to get the name of the ppl who killed us. From now on the camp will be closed and any trespasser will be punished. Keep in mind its PVE and PVP is only allowed ok the PVP Island...
  2. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Adrie's server

    If u dont know where to find the camp. Its just behind the big building on the spawn. You can check the screens. As the camp is open you are invited to use the furnaces, blacksmith station, tanning rack, spinning wheel and weaving loom. When there is smth in which is not yours leave it there as stealing is not allowed. Also please dont destroy stuff in the camp and also leave the locked doors locked. If anybody damages or steals smth, or any kind of trolling would happen the camp will be closed so only me and my 2 friends are able to use the stuff. Be fair and play fair. Cheers Judge PS: please ignore the 2 dead bodys. One is Adrie and the other is my "retarded" mate Luca who doesnt know that you could starve while being AFK
  3. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Adrie's server

    Hey guys, a friend of mine (Honeyquuchen) and me are currently builind a little camp near the spawn. Feel free to use all of our furnaces, blacksmith and so on but dont steal anything out of it what isnt yours. Cheers Judge
  4. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Dev Diary #16

    Damn. If i just could have visited you guys. Ylands would be one of the main reasons to get to the gamescom this year. But as i was on vacation in croatia i couldn´t join you guys So im looking forward to the new update to see what you have done Cheers Judge
  5. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Aircraft suggestion topic

    + for this idea and the allready done 3d models Keep up the good work mate.
  6. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Translation of Ylands

    Would be nice to get some help from some german guys to help me translating
  7. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Adrie's server

    Is there any intel when the next patch is released?
  8. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Adrie's server

    Or if you are using Windows at your workplace and the pc is connected to the internet you could use the standard rd client of windows.
  9. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Adrie's server

    Hm what about RD on your smartphone? All you need is some kind of ticket system where the users can contact you and all you need to do is log on your server and do whatever needs to be done
  10. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Adrie's server

    Looks like the server crashed again. Had no chance to pick up the ore i just mined and reconnect isnt possible anymore.
  11. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Translation - How to check my texts in the game

    Do i need to create a new folder when i wanna check my translations into german?
  12. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Translation of Ylands

    Do you need the mail adress @Crowdin?
  13. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Adrie's server

    Uhm im stuck at "Downloading game data from server" Aaaaand the discord invite link is not working anymore.
  14. Judge-_Dredd_90

    Adrie's server

    Nice dude. Me and my mate will start on your server from now on. Looking forward to meed you.