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  1. Mouse movement is much better now (was there another patch in the meantime?). Anyway, it works, and I´m looking forward to play the game now! ?
  2. Controller is disconnected. In 1920x1080 it seems a little bit better (But it´s not smooth, too. Feels like low FPS. When I only move the character without moving the mouse it´s okay). And as I said, I can´t play the game with native resolution (2560x1440) in fullscreen mode, only windowed! Fullscreen I see only 3620x2036, but it jumps back to "Custom" when I try to choose this resolution.
  3. Hi Adam, thank you for your fast response! I have attached the Log-Files, hope it helps! ? output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt output_log_userscript.txt
  4. Some points to fix (or maybe there is already a solution?) I have stuttering when I look around with the mouse (feels like 15 FPS), when I use a controller I can look around smooth with the right stick (no stuttering!) It stays the same when I lower the details and resolution, so it doesn´t seem to be a performance problem I can´t change the resolution in fullscreen mode, only in windowed mode! In fullscreen mode it´s only "Custom" available, and I see 3620x2036 as available resolution (but I can´t choose it) The controller doesn´t work in the inventory I can´t choose mouse and keyboard in the control options, only "automatic" is available