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  1. Они ждут ответ от вас , даёте ли вы добро или нет
  2. Technical support knows about your mistake and they will make a refund, and I will make the right purchase
  3. Tech support knows about your school, if you give the green light to the refund, they will transfer to my profile and I will make the right purchase
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Checkengine666Simon nick BLVC666
  5. Since it was an error on your end, how do I get my funds back to Steam so that I can re-purchase at the correct price? This is an in-game purchase which is not eligible for refund per Steam refund policy
  6. Return the money, I did not think that it was 19 euros, in the game it was written that it was 19 rubles
  7. Я думал что донат стоит 19 рублей и купил это после того как я поиграл выхожу и у меня осталось 100 р.Прошу возрат денег