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  1. SlumnIt Patch Changelog

    Could you be more specific? Was Diving Gear resistance to shark attacks nerfed or buffed? Do sharks now do more or less damage? These patch notes and updates are always so vague.. information is important!
  2. SlumnIt

    Going Broke for Repairs being a Captain

    I don't think there is really a set location to find most of the new fish; So far We've seen many of them spawn randomly in different biotopes..
  3. SlumnIt

    Dev Diary #219 Answers? For Shore!

    When exactly is that? This dev diary was days ago, but I've not seen a live stream yet...
  4. SlumnIt

    UNDER REVIEW Lost Death box

    Had this happen as well; Was in the ocean, died on my way to the surface. Game froze, I had to Force Quit via Task Manager. Relaunched the game, selected the yland I was last playing on, so I could go back and get my stuff. I got the message asking if I wanted to Continue or Leave (message shown after death).. I picked continue.. But instead of spawning me on my bed in my boat, it spawned me on a island. I had to summon my boat.. There was no death icon on the map anywhere, but I remember where I was because I was exploring a sunken ship, which I put a marker on the map for. I got back over there finally, made my way to the bottom but there was no crate with all my stuff to be found... Also note, that I ended up leaving that yland and went back to my main yland where my building is.. Later I went back to the other yland because I needed to find catfish. When that yland loaded in, there was now a death icon on the map.. So I thought maybe my stuff was there now too.. well it wasn't...
  5. SlumnIt

    Gear Vanished After Launch Game

    We only have the 1 account; She plays game from my PC when I'm not using it.. which is often.
  6. SlumnIt

    How to Unlock items for Crafting?

    Correct; She's playing exploration mode. Which those "maps", "ylands", or whatever you want to call them, do not show up in the Editor. And I don't want to do anything that might prevent her from completing the achievements, which are available in exploration mode.
  7. SlumnIt

    Gear Vanished After Launch Game

    What's needed to craft it is already known.. As they were crafted before.. However she doesn't have anymore of the items needed to craft them, as in none in storage or personal inventory. She needs the catfish oil, and such. Well the helmet was found on a sunken ship, so she can't craft that as she doesn't have the recipe for the flashlight yet.. but the tank/pants/shirt/flippers need catfish oil that she doesn't have anymore of.. She died a lot from sharks and cold water when trying to get the Catfish, she's upset and doesn't want to have to go find more fish again. And No she wasn't on a MP island; she's not allowed to play play games in MP mode/online, except with her friends (that we know personally.) And thanks for the offer; but I don't know how all the online stuff works in this game, so not sure how the "meet" up stuff works..
  8. SlumnIt

    Gear Vanished After Launch Game

    Right, I get that part.. but the concern here is getting her the items back.. the neoprene diving suit set, diving tank, and helmet.. Need the Item ID's of the items so I can spawn them back in for her... I made her triple check all her storage, and its all just gone for sure..
  9. So my daughter spent a good amount of time time to find all the things for the diving suit (Neoprene Suit, Helmet, and Tank) but when launching the game today, all the diving suit items have vanished. They were in a storage (cabinet) on the boat, but now they are nowhere to be found! Is there any way to get them back? She don't have anymore of the items needed to craft more of them.. Is there an Item ID known of that will let me respawn them in for her? Not sure if its related; but she experience that bug again, where when she launched into the game, she was on a random island, instead of where she stopped playing at. Also she said she was in a cave mining, came out of the cave but her boat had vanished. She pressed Q to summon it, but the only option was to "Unsummon" which she did, then discovered her diving gear was gone.. She's in the Arid zone, went there to find Electric Fish.
  10. SlumnIt

    How to Unlock items for Crafting?

    I traveled to the arctic; in attempt to find the glowing fish.. The neoprene suit doesn't protect you from the freezing waters.. and there doesn't seem to be a "kelp forest" in the polar waters. Its "Mushroom Forest", "Anemone Forest", "Crystal Formation" and "Geothermal Area" .. none of which I seem to be able to get to with the neoprene diving suit. EDIT: They are in the Anemone Forest areas. Which are Yellow and toward the deeper waters (at least on the group of islands I went to).. be careful though; as the neoprene suit doesn't keep you warm, you will lose health from freezing. But there is air things down there, and you can just make it before you lose all health from freezing.. Oh, and there are sharks too.. Seems about each swarm of glowing jellyfish will give you 6 or 7.. which is 12 - 14 Glowing Protein
  11. SlumnIt

    How to Unlock items for Crafting?

    Thanks, does this effect the game in any other way? Like disabled the ability to earn achievements or the awards that give you in-game coins? Also do you know of something like this that will reveal the map? The area around the ship/player that is revealed is incredibly tiny, and the ship is so slow; it will take her days (IRL) to sail around an entire "local" map to reveal all of it..
  12. SlumnIt

    What is this icon on the map?

    Thanks, that's helpful.. She was worried she had lost all her stuff or something. We though it might have been because she built her house on the location of one of those "random encounters" and it like booted her away or something.
  13. So my daughter loaded the game to play after finishing her school work, but she spawned on a completely different island than she was on when she closed the game last time. Now there is a death (tombstone) and some other icon on the island she was one before.. What is the circle around the stick figure mean? Also, any idea what she was spawned on a random island? She built a house on the island in the screenshot above, it has a bed in it, she slept on it through night. Also her ship, which was just south of the tombstone has a bed on it as well..
  14. SlumnIt

    How to Unlock items for Crafting?

    Alright thanks, once we figure out how to get to the islands that are not "Tropic" we will try to go find one of the fish w/ the bladder.
  15. SlumnIt

    How to Unlock items for Crafting?

    Thanks again; very useful to know.. Looks like they are trying really hard to force people to check out all the new ocean stuff.. even if it not wanted or doesn't make any sense for a test tube (which is made of glass) to need a glowing protein and a fish bladder. We haven't found any of the "Nautilus" yet, although we have been exploring around the "Rainforest" islands. Not sure if that is "Temperate" or not... We have found many different kinds of fish: Trout, Jellyfish (not glowing though apparently), Mackerel, Sturgeon, Moorish (Dory), Clownfish (Nemo), Blue Tang, Tuna, Sea Slug, Sea Bass... but not what we need apparently..