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    RESOLVED [YLD-22126] Save game

    THE OCEAN_200220233424.zip
  2. Fillipia

    RESOLVED [YLD-22126] Save game

    output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt The game file are in a different folder and when I try to send them they are not accepted.
  3. I have created a single player game, but when ever I leave it does not save, none of my equipment is in my inventory and my animals are no longer tame, does anyone know how to save it?
  4. Fillipia

    Play a creation

    That worked, Thank you!
  5. Fillipia

    Play a creation

    I finished building a creation and I want to play it without the the testing mode so I can save my progress like taming animals, I also want to play single player. I have already uploaded it to the workshop. Does anyone know how to do this?