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    Ember Island help

    Hey guys So I am at the control room door and can't figure out what the combination of the pictures are to open the door, any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Dirtyefenhairy

    DEV ANSWER [Bug] Dedicated Server Issues

    Also the game hasn't had an update in nearly two months.. I understand that the car thing is getting worked on, but there's so many other bugs and features that need work on that could be addressed in the mean time I am sure? Don't get me wrong the game is fun, but there's loads of things that need improving, multiplayer bugs, items, crafting, the animal glitches, had so much fun a few months back playing, even bought 3 extra copies for my friends to play, just hope this doesn't end up being one of those games with potential that is forgotten about in a few months down the line or a year.
  3. Dirtyefenhairy

    Dev Diary #13

    Thanks for the info, I also feel that at the moment the game is in need of some updates, multiplayer games with friends are not working all that great, we have built all things in survival and while the game is fun, I think we will give it a short break until some updates with content come out and some fixes concerning multiplayer stability are fixed.
  4. Dirtyefenhairy


    Hey guys, don't mean to sound like a drag, but I hope there's some updates coming soon (content updates), my friends and I have built and done most things in the game, its been a lot of fun! just noticed that its taking a while for any new updates to come. I understand that the rainy roads update is coming, I only ask because we want to carry on playing because its an awesome game, just at the moment it feels like we have done most if not all of the things in survival, a few times as well. With more stuff to build and explore it would be great.
  5. Dirtyefenhairy

    Multiplayer Saved characters?

    Just tried this out, it seems that you can indeed join your friends game with this method, but only the person that created the game can use the original character, the person joining has to start with a new character..
  6. Dirtyefenhairy

    Amazing game!!

    Hey guys, been playing this for a few days with a friend, and its been a blast! I'd say probably the best game i have played this year! I really can't wait to see where this game goes, especially in survival mode! The potential is huge! I mean just gathering and crafting on small island is huge amounts of fun. You are onto something good here guys! Please keep at it!