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  1. Ah ok thanks! Here is the savegame file. I put it in a rar file since it was a file type i could upload it here. SNOBBISH GROGZONE.rar
  2. I don't have a SaveGames folder in my remote folder. Is it because we're using a sharegame server versus local?
  3. I was told to report bugs here with the output log files. Basically the common problem we are getting is invisible items not showing up while harvesting. Mainly occurs for other players and not usually the host. It's fixed if the players relog into the server but after a brief while it happens again. Also we would sometimes encounter our own avatars being invisible as well. Sometimes with the items being invisible, they actually are in the inventory but then gets overlapped by another item and replaces / glitches the item and causing an item to disappear. This started when we started to explore more islands and it's gotten a bit unplayable for us. I've attached both my logs and my boyfriend's (b) logs so you can see both of ours. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt output_log_clean_b.txt output_log_b.txt