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  1. I once again felt the care you guys put into this major update 1.3. It put a smile on my face when the client updated itself without a manual steam update, it was almost too kinky. Exporting our game in new editor and finding out nothing broke reminded me of that time when I was dating my wife long distance, she did not change a bit even after months of separation. Then when I observed a global storage that had loads of tiles and used to take a long time to load loading in matter of a few seconds was like not being able to eat the food I love due to the stomach ache but pepto bismol came in and cleaned it right up. Thanks.
  2. This is now possible now. Could you mark this resolved for now.
  3. We put the custom player HP bar on bottom left and the chat window is overlapping. Could we have a way to reposition the chat window if we wanted to?
  4. Today I am unable to upload the game to Workshop at all. I've attached the error message and the log files. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. Jimin Park

    Cannon damage bug

    @bures.peter Do you have the world saving turned on in your game? Your game needs to be unprotected and world saving turned on. Could you just attach the scenario file here on the forum so I can just download it and take a look? Thank you very much for helping me out.
  6. Jimin Park

    Cannon damage bug

    Can you upload the scenario here so I can see the script of how you did it?
  7. Jimin Park

    The lag+animation bug

    Are you trying to synchronize rotation animator? Even if they are aligned in the beginning of the game, they will not perfectly stay like that. If you want them to be synchronized perfectly then you have to use a lot of math, that involves how much delta time has passed since the last animation frame for each wheel and manually calculating rotation values for this animation frame. This is probably not the answer you want to go with. I would suggest just letting the wheels rotate individually without synchronizing them. And simply get the grey rod to animate by itself regardless of the wheels. It would still look good and best solution I think.
  8. Jimin Park

    Cannon damage bug

    Sure. If you have a scenario where you can manually control the damage of the explosive bomb (not cannon ball) from the 1st shot, that would be super. I would like the damage to be 50.
  9. Jimin Park

    Cannon damage bug

    My game is not corrupted. It is a brand new game with nothing in it. Changing the multiplier on cannon to 0.5 like in your screenshot does not work. You are saying you don't have to do any scripting? Just change the damage multiplier? And the "You cant shoot Protective Barrier Generator" message is because your bomb is INDESTRUCTIBLE. Can you post your scenario here so I can take a look?
  10. Jimin Park

    Cannon damage bug

    I tried your solution and it doesn't work. Can you show me your script tiles and let me see what you mean? Please test your script yourself first to see if it works. I would appreciate that. I don't think that is how SET DAMAGE MULTIPLIER works. That tile is a static configuration on the entity, in this case the Bomb projectile that is exploding. All I am doing here is setting the damage multiplier configuration on individual bomb entity when they are created to a very small value so they deal no damage, and then applying damage manually when they explode.
  11. Two main points of this video: 1. Controlling the damage of the cannons are not possible other than this hack I am doing. Most ideal thing is to be able to control the damage like how the weapons are being done. 2. The hack above only works form the 2nd fire and on. First cannon fire does massive damage still. Please see the video below.
  12. Jimin Park

    How to fling off players on impact

    @Adam Snellgrove Yeah thanks. That would really help to have you guys just test it out. I just wish the unbalance accusations would stop as it makes it look like my team isn't doing our job testing the game (it's currently a team of 1 scripter and 2 modellers now). But I guess I will have to get used to this lol Anyways we are probably 20-30% done. I would say another 2 months and we should be finished.
  13. Jimin Park

    How to fling off players on impact

    Ok maybe it's my problem but I am fine with it so stop talking about it. I heard you. Enough is enough. Like I said we are grown ups and we can disagree. And the Ninja problem is known issue. I am waiting for Ylands team to allow me to get direction vector of the camera. If this is not provided by Ylands team in the near future, I will have to think about a way to change the skill for the Ninja class.
  14. Jimin Park

    Dev Diary #129 - New AI Features

    Thank you very much. A huge upgrade. And I am noticing the visual upgrades on the scripting tiles as well.
  15. Jimin Park

    How to fling off players on impact

    I say Overwatch because I copied Payload game from there and I rather follow how that game feels than listen to you for balance changes which doesn't make sense to me. Hey man, I already said let's stop discussing about my game. I am free to do whatever I want with my game. I heard your opinion and I disagree. You are not making my game. I am making my game. You can go and make your own balanced game. Let me know when you finish your game. I will join and play and see how balanced your game is. You make it first and let's see how it feels.