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    Dev Diary #130 - Compass

    Looking good!
  2. Aaaand again. Less than 2 hours this time... Is there something I can do on my end? A corrupted cache or something I can look for and delete?
  3. @Adam Snellgrove OK, it just happened again!! We started new game last night when I had to reset it from turning into a P1 game...lasted less than a day.
  4. @Adam Snellgrove This one happened just before I made this post. So around 5pm last night.
  5. Hello :) I am sorry to report I also have been having this problem, more than once now. The server only seems to last a day or so, if that, before I have to wipe it or take it down and delete the game all together. Why does it always turn into a P1 game? I see that it's a known problem and you are working on it, I wanted to report it too. It is frustrating :( I loaded ss so you can see it. Is there a way to recover or is it just lost? Thank you for any help ~Ruin