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  1. Alright well my ArmA 3 folder has disappeared from LocalLow, but the YLands folder is there now. Unfortunately, no Crashes folder or file. I've got output_log_clean, Player, Player_clean, and Player-prev, all of which are text files, as well as a folder, Unity, that leads me down a rabbit hole of empty folders.
  2. I don't have any YLands folders or files in my Local, just ArmA 3 files, but I have a folde rin LocalLow with my output logs that I attached in the post.
  3. I put a discussion in through Steam months ago, at which point a dev said they'd get back to me when they found the issue and never did so here I am. Launch game through Steam, game window loads up and sits on a white screen and my pointer becomes a loading icon. It'll stay white screened with an inifite loading wheel pointer until I click something, at which point it says the game is not responding. I've tried verifying game files through Steam, reinstalling, etc. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt