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    RESOLVED [YLD-24847] Shirt

    I still can't find this shirt on my map because of size.
  2. Adam, it's global problem. Appears not only in exploration mode. Created a blank map, created a river, gave the character a broken shield generator and cube. In the testing mode, the map assembled the barrier, assembled the ship. I waited for the blocks to harden, left the protective field, drove back and the blocks cannot be destroyed. (checked on the ship hull aft and the ship hull fore; after that all blocks have indestructibility)
  3. \Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\YOURSTEAMID\298610\remote\SaveGames
  4. Heidenlarm

    RESOLVED [YLD-24847] Shirt

    Who is such a small shirt for?
  5. subj. After work of the map, the counter in the Entity Label does not delete objects. The example shows that if you sleep for two days (adding Entity Label during growth) and try to collect grass, then the Label add/remove counter is often lost. At the same time, if the "Get Entity Count (Entity label)" can ignore this and continue to work normally, then the "Random Array Item (Array)" goes into error. To repeat: run the map. sleep for two days. to collect grass. I enclose the map file in upload (Scenarios). Reproduced this error on different computers. And I apologize for my English. BGR.zip
  6. Heidenlarm

    How check if entity does exist?

    Variant with IS Entity